My aunt slm German 120 kg of Aksaray murat from a village if I’m going to talk a little more about myself handsome, I’m not weighing 70 kilograms more than 25 1.73 tall brunette sister-in-law so I can my brother’s wife, 38 years old, 1.65 height of 120 pounds blonde white skin is more beautiful, but she is the woman of my dreams mother of 3 children, but what woman fat ass big tits the size of watermelons from the top of a tanker fully dressed if you could pass off the belly is definitely a figment of the imagination is not the story of a peasant woman, and one is real, my brother is 42 years old decided to go to Germany to study, when to go, in theory at least 3 years because of financial difficulties for my children and my elderly mother and I wouldn’t be the biggest one we’d be left with 3 Yange 16-year-old male and I have two daughters, the youngest at the age of 10 and 12, my brother, and it was a day to go on the meals we were very unhappy, but because I was glad he was without a man in yen gem worked for me and I would stay because I was too frightened to know that there was an opportunity for him to fuck my aunt my aunt is so wrong acila, my brother and everything returns to normal for about 6 to 7 months I was gone I was mad it was evening as I was continuing my nieces and Anam my aunt go to the barn they went to bed with me so I decided to fuck her ass 5 months ago and our foal born a bastard and go to the barn and take the mighty and Majestic, I pulled my cock clean place I took my ass so I can fuck I’m saying because since I was a little thick and long as thick glass Coca Cola bottle and the thickness of 2 cm from the bottom of a bottle was longer and larger than my wrist so I have the head the body is more than up to the burro I took my place behind her sexual experience and I didn’t have a foal I was in the village I began to rub my cock all wet, it was like a piece of wood and I decided to put my cock head I pushed hard but not even his head had 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bimemezlik you how to get dick Ded was chatting up and I was horny sister-in-law is great if you get used to abimink I was saying, I asked my brother’s sister-in-law how much I said, half of his head is even bigger Death, how he said he’s too overly thick and hers vermiyorm pleasure so I said, a woman like me, never even told her that enters it’s not even clear he doesn’t feel he said How Are you enjoying it, or they just enjoy the caress he said I said I don’t I rub it well, as I said, a little is not a substitute for her, but he said, why I said only happens once a month with me because I’m already fat sister-in-law you’re fat, but I said You’re beautiful, my aunt said Look at me I shit go on the count of len, fat, big hips big tits given birth to 3 children, my aunt said I’m horny, I hope he didn’t talk to me because obviously it’s absolutely things like that, I thought it would be my wife like you my aunt surprised as I spoke and I said yes he said You sismanmi love you, my son got up and was difficult to conceal olyor sister-in-law fuck mother often said already tried my hand I suddenly saw yours again, you fucking bastard why I said Fuck you and my brother from us without no one dare I say it suphelenmezki donkey sikeyimki I can’t believe how I found my aunt, looking at me suddenly froze and I said it would kill us all one hears or sees, or your brother, no one would suspect from us, I said, and my knees were shaking with excitement, but not now, he said Let’s do one pillow bidet in the barn tonight we’ll get in the house and my mother’s nephew sheets here because he said I had a little kiss and then I said, and we passed the barn, shut the door and we hugged each other, I couldn’t fit in my arms, her soft boobs to get closer to each other and gave a kiss on the cheek hindered everywhere yumucacik kaydirp writing a little warm in his ear weird I enjoyed it I was sucking on his neck, and hugged each other tightly and we were staring at each other for many years because I had the strange pleasure that I’d dreamed my mother was my aunt on my arm and that person was my aunt nephew relationship, this was probably my brother’s forbidden mistress I kissed him on the lips and was giving much pleasure and approach a woman for the first time in my life I kissed her on the lips and she was so beautiful, my aunt move her head closer, kissing my lips again, his lip was sticking his tongue into my mouth and started sucking and lip stick addeta my mouth, kissing my aunt had almost disappeared in Mom’s mouth with my nephew calling from outside packing like crazy in a haystack it was evening now fuck my aunt in the evening, I don’t know how I was going to be, but my joy because I couldn’t be down I wanted to fuck my aunt in the evening and the evening and ate our dinner or something we Sat 10.30 cayimzi to sleep or something I had been my mother my aunt went to sleep I went to bed after the coming of soyleyerk room and smoothed the kids went to bed at 1: 00 It was, everyone he slowly got up and sleeping soundly to extract the audio to go to the barn and waited ten minutes later my aunt in her hand, a pillow, a sheet and he came from behind the door with a candle and there we went to the barn to turn it off in the rear surguleyip kapisini and the Lamp Lit, for it was impossible from the outside to the inside never gozkme, bales of hay were cool and we started to undress and make a beautiful place between the sheets, my aunt’s sweater red bra her tits jammed cikarrinca had been a disaster in the meantime, panties sigmiyor’s panties into mine, I was left with was my aunt under a dollar in the future, as now, was etegini your knee caps that you had, because she seemed too belly on top of it was coming, his body was white like snow on the ground and stood from floor to floor no stain obesity that we do the oil on top of a nip sikiyorduki we were kissing I can’t tell my aunt that has both a soft heart, I slotted my aunt’s big, meaty pussy petting of the disaster from the bottom of those big hairy wet I was and he was dilinini stuck his tongue inside my mouth like he was eating it in my lips so that I was half an hour left we kissed and her lips emdiriyo big tits suck my breast the size of a hazelnut brown came into my mouth I started pushing my head taking in the room, she was messing with my hair and she was moaning slightly, I couldn’t take it anymore, he pressed his belly against his legs have thick my aunt was saying, now I have mine my aunt’s pussy on fire by comprehending brush from the body diode and I was taking my dick a little fat snatch she was wet and horny pussy juice head forward a bit if I pushed the head of said sound output is in force went inside their pussy inhhhh I was saying it’s too big a yavaass wait a bit and started slowly back and forth back and forth each time I was in a little bit more in the meantime, they returned to ahlama ohhhlamar inhhlamal to my aunt, but my pussy was on fire just like my big dick that big inside kavramistiki so much attached to someone’s finger as a ring with a narrow dudaklr on top of it I started to suck like uzaninip had taken its toll, and now our SAP spoons each other noises she was making, because every degiyod aunt is overweight when I hit my arms, my aunt’s got hold of her shoulders with my hands under the shoulders and the bottom of my cock and I was rubbing herself guccumle propelled him to the room she was helping me but it burned a disaster every time I press down with the bottom of a lion Sur ooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh kocaciggimmm says aunt with my in-laws that I have after me I am your slave so often the mother of my nephew, my brother’s wife often feed Windows, ko 120-pound snake like I was pumping my aunt proudly faster kivrarman pleasure beneath me with joy, excitement, and now I was coming up empty, I said cum inside me, cum inside me, fill your feed dollerri nephew out of it, but my geeelliyor I said I’m gutter and she was shaking all over my body I started to come I was cleaning out sister-in-law my sister-in-law ohhh ohhhh they say he was giving my cock squeeze and squeeze, but every fucking cum out of my cock in with it’s one more piece of my cock and I could tell if she was just a little after we laid facing each other on the side opusutuk milking aunt since I was little I said I love you, the room I didn’t know if your sister was here, I certainly thought that such a thing wouldn’t be able to think that I’m going to fuck you’ve been, but it’s been 7 months since you left the one I was burning and thoroughly brother of yours in that big the night I saw your cock I’m ecstatic when I saw his cock thoroughly, but so far it wasn’t as big your cock can I patli even my eggplant ever fucked after being stuck with you that I’ve always I love to fuck whenever you can after that my husband and I said that night till the morning now my brother fucked my fat aunt emisip abroad for 1 year and we fuck so good to you whenever we siksler my story..


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