As I said, until the end of high school, I didn’t like myself at all and I wasn’t courting anyone because I was insecure and I wasn’t trying to get closer. Thanks to the self-confidence that came with my start in sports, I had my eye on Semra, whom I was impressed with the first time I saw her. The light fish was meaty. Since she was around 170 in height, even those extras actually made her look sexier and more mature. The fact that she was one of the original blondes, her blue eyes, of course, added a different air. Beyza knew that I liked her before I even said it. And after a short conversation we had, he said that he could set her up with me. Like a brother, like a brother, I never forget, it was Saturday. They had agreed only yesterday under the pretext of studying again. I wasn’t going to go to work that day either. Before, we were already chatting when he came to our house, when we met outside or something. The ground was ready, but the beloved had to be built on it.


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