we met at a dinner through a friend. ankara<br />he wasn’t alive and was coming back the next day. we liked it, but there was no end. o<br />we added each other on facebook after seeing each other for a while, we broke up<br />months Decayed. i settled in Ankara because it’s been 3 4 months since I came<br />wrote. we started to meet, the officer had won his exam. for this reason, always<br />in Ankara, he lived alone. as our talks continue, our relationship<br />it started now, the error endings, I was especially staying with him. a little bit as a structure<br />he was a cold type, and so was he in this bed. but my story is not with him :)<br />he would talk about his brother, he would say that he was teaching in the east and Ankara<br />he was coming to him, so he said we couldn’t stay this weekend.<br />but he said can we pick up his brother from the terminal who arrived on Friday evening<br />of course, I said, I recognized her that day, white skin, platinum yellow hair, blue<br />it was great with the lenses, it was a dream.the trip was fun, girl<br />my friend’s goal was actually to introduce us. Saturday night out<br />they wanted to go out, they wanted me to show them around. The name of Ayşegül dü<br />It was so beautiful. we had dinner first, I smoke, the room drank this<br />we had a chance to be alone with the occasion, it was very fun, very joyful, and then<br />we went to a club to have fun, as I said, no matter how cold my girlfriend is<br />his brother was so sincere and cheerful that we danced together all night<br />even holding your hands while dancing excited me at my girlfriend’s<br />he was happy to see that we got along well with him. but my mind<br />i didn’t have it in my head, the hours went by and the alcohol got closer as we crossed the wall, that’s it<br />he wasn’t thinking anything, but I couldn’t help myself. the night is over<br />i took them to their house, it’s late at night, I have to go at this time<br />they said I could stay by saying no, we’re with my girlfriend<br />we retreated to our room together and I was with his dream … in the morning<br />we decided to go for breakfast, but in the morning there was an incident, girl<br />my friend had to go to work on Sunday, but it was urgent<br />how many hours he had called for, he was told that if he finished work early, he would immediately<br />if he doesn’t come back, he’ll come to where we’re going for breakfast, I’m ayşe gülü<br />I was gonna take. i said tmm, I was hearing them talking to ayşegül when I left<br />so he was telling her. I slept for a few more hours. our room is in the hall<br />it was a door that opened between his room and the hallway outside, coming from the hall<br />i woke up with a sound when I opened the door slightly, the view was amazing ayşegülun<br />he had only a T-shirt on, and between his legs was the velvet Decollete of the sofa<br />he didn’t notice me because his pillow was facing me from my head at that moment<br />the last time he did something like that to seduce me, I undressed him<br />I was watching, he was so lost that he didn’t notice me. her vagina<br />we were driving on the pillow so that when she contracted forward, her vagina was a pink flower<br />it opens up like when you contract backwards, and her hips are great<br />it looked like he had a great tattoo on his right wrist. good to the back<br />when I pulled forward, leaning my organ against her vagina from behind<br />i hugged him. he was so scared, he froze, I said go on, he didn’t do anything<br />i put my left hand inside her T-shirt and started stroking her breasts. right<br />i was stroking her legs in my hand the warmth of her body is still in my mind there is no<br />she wasn’t doing anything, she was literally frozen, but I was so turned on that her vagina<br />i was feeling out of proportion and that pillow that warmth drained me<br />when he came, I left him and he quickly went to his room. i took a shower, I put my clothes on, but<br />he wasn’t leaving the room, I said I was worried, he said I was coming. For a while<br />then he left the room and said I thought you went with my sister. never<br />we didn’t live, he said exactly, headed for the door, and we left. where we’re going to eat<br />we were so sincere yesterday when we were going right now I doubt this coldness<br />he was going to shoot, so I told him to play if necessary, we agreed on this<br />we had dinner, walked around until the evening and saw him off in the evening. but from my mind<br />he wasn’t dating, I couldn’t get enough, then I insisted so much to see him at school<br />i said I could come, but that day was a mistake, you were opportunistic<br />he said he stopped, we couldn’t see each other again, and then we broke up with his sister because I<br />he was so bad that he said he couldn’t warm up to you in the moon anyway


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