Staying at home with her sister, they wanted to try anal.


Hello friends, this is Cem,<br />in the end, he gradually lived until today<br />writing about the relationships I was in from the very beginning<br />I started. This is very sincere what I have been through, my 1-2 friends<br />except no one knows. It kind of poured out of me when I wrote these here<br />and it’s like I’m living those days all over again. The first I shared<br />my story; ‘I didn’t understand anything from the pussy I fucked in the brothel!’<br />it had happened. Age 16 and inside a real pussy for the first time<br />i was ejaculating. It was my first experience, whatever it is, it is<br />or it would have happened like this, and it happened.<br /><br />My father worked as a manager in a factory. One<br />in the evening to another city of the factory<br />that he will move, and at least until he retires<br />he said we were going to settle there, too. Of the city<br />I can’t give the name of the district where we will live, which is progressing<br />I hope you will give me the right in my writings. The time has come and<br />we moved immediately when the schools went on summer vacation. My father<br />to follow the installation phase of the factory in advance anyway<br />he was constantly going for it. The house where we will live at that time<br />it was rented. Your back to a mountain<br />a big river passing by, cute, Anatolian<br />the warmth and sincerity of your person<br />it was a small district where he was not lost. We Moved<br />the house had two floors, our resident lived upstairs and we lived downstairs.<br />Our host prays in prayer for a husband, wife and two children<br />there was. One of them, Murat Abi, was a ready soldier, he spent his day in his ear<br />he was waiting. The other is Ayşen abla, 18 years old, from middle school<br />then she didn’t read, she was a house girl.<br /><br />The days chased one another,<br />there were no strangers, no new friends<br />I had picked up. Life was freer here than in Istanbul, traffic,<br />there were no crowds of people, it was not a big city after all.<br />Where we don’t ride until the evening as we get on our bikes<br />he wasn’t staying. Everywhere, at any moment, could be a ballpark for us.<br />By the way, we really became like a family with our hosts Decently. Ayşen<br />in the framework of a sister-sister relationship with an older sister, a very beautiful<br />we had a dialogue. Routine school with the opening of schools<br />his life and his running had begun. School<br />when I’m not at home, I’m mostly Ayşen’s sister<br />if they have finished their work at home, they come down to us, chat, music<br />we would listen. At that time, as now, multi-channel TV, Internet, VCD, DVD<br />there was no. I really think it was the most beautiful.<br /><br />I finished my first year and went on summer vacation again<br />we entered. After moving here, my mother also managed my father<br />since he started working at the factory, I<br />i was home alone. I was spending time with friends and at home.<br />One of the days I was at home, Ayşen’s sister came down to us again. By the way<br />As I said before, Sister Ayşen was 18 years old.<br />Approximately 170-175 in height, 55-60 in weight, a brunette<br />was the girl. Because he always wears baggy pants and a shirt on<br />it was very difficult to cut the contours of the body. And in the slightest way<br />I hadn’t looked at it any other way. Chatting again<br />then he sat down opposite the stereo, turned on the radio and<br />while changing channels, I also elbow her behind<br />on the back of the chair, my arms will be on his shoulder<br />I leaned slightly, leaning in the way. Even today, it still means<br />i can’t give it, it’s only been 1-2 minutes, I don’t understand how it happened,<br />Ayşen sis is in my face with her head on his shoulder<br />he turned it right and that’s when we started kissing lip to lip…<br /><br />Bewilderment and stupidity<br />i was responding Decisively. Our Lips<br />he stood up without separating at all, and as he continued standing, suddenly two<br />he pushed me off my chest with his hand. We were standing across from each other,<br />he gives a big slap and runs<br />he walked out with steps. He still understands something<br />i wasn’t. From my side, Ayşen is the smallest against her sister<br />somehow it turned out I didn’t. Ayşen is more than an ‘Older Sister’ to her sister<br />I didn’t even look and think about it. Subsequently small<br />When I come to my senses, Ayşen, maybe your sister has something against me<br />because there have been team thoughts or feelings that he has fed<br />I thought. But why was the slap? It didn’t make sense. That day passed like that, the day<br />in<br />we’ve never met.<br /><br />The next day it’s close to noon again<br />I stood up. The weather is already hot, take a shower, get under me<br />i’m just wearing my shorts, my top is naked to myself<br />I was making something and snacking. Door<br />he stole it . When I opened it, Ayşen’s sister was in front of me,<br />“You’re out of breath, what are you doing?" said. Also, “you get what,<br />i’m having a snack. Come if you want…” I said. "Ohoo<br />it’s been a year since we had breakfast!" he said, and for a few seconds<br />a silence fell. We were standing across from each other,<br />approaching each other at the same time, our lips again<br />united. It was very different this time, sister Ayşen<br />he wrapped his arms around my neck, and I tightly around his waist<br />i grasped it. He’s the one no one’s worth yet<br />she sucks her soft plump lips officially,<br />I was kissing him with a bite. My hands slowly<br />i slid it on your hips, over the baggy<br />I started stroking her thighs, holding her little by little. He wasn’t objecting.