Buse was staying at home, and I was in the dorm. But since the day I met this guy, I’ve rarely been to the dorm. We were always hanging out after class and going home and sleeping. And the same terane in the morning. One day, on a cold evening after school, two children from the class offered to accompany us, and we agreed. And it all started after she accepted the offer.<br /><br />I can say that the house was the most beautiful apartment on a small street, 15 minutes walk from the school. 3 Of a 2-3-year-old building yet. Solid. On the way home, when Halil, a handsome brunette and hard-looking man, offered beer and mussels, of course, we did not refuse this offer. I had drunk a lot of alcohol before, so I was confident. Halil came to the market with three beers for all of us and some mussels. Meanwhile, Buse, Halil’s friend, was engaged in a text conversation. Apparently, the match was completed, Halil was going to hang out with me in the text with this. But not everything in life goes the way you planned, I forgot about that. When we got home, we had a nice meal first and started to open our beers and chat. The crazy idea that came to our minds at that time received approval from all of us.


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