Submissive Lady Isabelle Deltore Is Ready To Obey Her Strict Master


Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Murat 18 years old, 1.76 tall, 60<br />Jul i’m a handsome clean-faced man my penis is 17 inches long without stretching too much<br />let me get to the point, while sitting in a park in Aydın, a couple from the next table<br />he was constantly watching me, I didn’t notice, I was just immersed in the phone, my head<br />when I turned it over, we met eye to eye with the woman, by the way, I have sex very Decently<br />i’m one of two times i can’t get enough of 2 times when we start with my girlfriends<br />he always complained about it anyway 🙂 anyway, I looked at my husband<br />she was looking, I turned my head, and immediately after a while her husband came to me<br />what’s up, young man, who are you waiting for, or something, he said, I’m not waiting, I’m sitting like that<br />i said we’re bored, let’s sit down together, I have to buy you something<br />he said okay, I said I was bored anyway, we went to the table and sat down together<br />we greeted each other, I’m shy, I wasn’t talking anyway, the man entered my name in the word<br />he said it was the end of school, and I said that school was over, he was preparing for UNI<br />the man’s name is Salih mis 43 years old and his wife Aynur is 37 years old.<br />1.60 she was a beautiful woman of imperfect height, with legs, especially an amazing skirt<br />i couldn’t stop looking under there, of course my boy was upright<br />the woman was constantly looking in front of me, so I realized that I was looking at her husband<br />his smile was good in the conversation, Uncle Salih, let’s go home after a while there<br />we’ll continue the conversation or something, he said, laughed, I stayed in the terettute at first<br />i was undecided because I didn’t know, but I kept my eye on the woman’s legs<br />i couldn’t get it, I said okay, let’s go, Uncle Salih paid the bill or something<br />we got in the car, headed home, they weren’t talking to me<br />they were constantly looking at each other and laughing, anyway, we came home and sat opposite each other<br />He opened a raki with Uncle Salih, he said to himself, do you want no alcohol<br />i said I didn’t drink, Aunt Aynur sat next to me while her husband was drinking, we<br />we started chatting, he was constantly asking questions, do you have a girlfriend<br />he said what did i do, did i have a relationship, yes, I have, I said what can I live with<br />if necessary, I said I lived them, laughed openly, tell me a little more, don’t be afraid<br />she did something or other, she said don’t be ashamed, I did all kinds of anal oral vaginal things<br />i told my girlfriends about them, oh, God, at this age, she said<br />i said exactly, I laughed and can you satisfy your girlfriends what is your penis<br />he said as much, laughed, look, I said if you want, I understood that now you’re fucking<br />her husband was drinking like he was never from there, I wanted it right away<br />she looked at her husband, got approval, let’s see if he said he unbuckled the belt, the jeans asa<br />he lowered it and started to touch it a little over the copper, then lowered it ohhh<br />he said exactly as I wanted, laughed, looked at Uncle Salih and began to lick bi<br />he was stroking my balls in his hand, squeezing my balls out of his mouth<br />he was pulling me into his mouth and then writhing all over me with his tongue<br />yalyo comes up to his head and takes it in his mouth at once up to his throat<br />she was pushing, I was enjoying it tremendously, while her husband took out his dick<br />it was like a stroke of mine, it was like her husband’s wound for 8 minutes or something<br />it was past, I was about to cum now, and Aynur was tired now<br />he told me to cum that he was used to cum in his mouth, but mine<br />it wasn’t flowing, it was gushing like a missile, I guess he couldn’t account for it 🙂 to ejaculate<br />i started, I took it out at once, but he continued to pull it completely with his hand<br />i ejaculated, I was relieved, I think it stuck in your throat, my sperm stuck in a glass of water<br />he drank, he came to his senses, I said it was your turn now, I sat on my lap, I separated your chimney<br />he leaned his head on my neck well, he didn’t make a sound, I stripped off his weight<br />i pulled, I started playing with the middle finger, he was moaning slightly, slowly<br />i stuck my finger in, it was hot, it was full of water, the barrel was sticking out, and<br />even that sound turned me on a lot when I took it out, of course, and then aynuru<br />i leaned on the seat in front of her, she was spread out, licking her pussy well<br />i started pouring water like crazy, I spat on my finger a little bit on the fuck<br />when I rubbed my finger thoroughly wet, I started to caress the asshole pretty much<br />he was startled, but he couldn’t make a sound out of his pleasure, so I gently put my finger in<br />i was taking your lips in my mouth in your pussy and stripping up and down very badly<br />her legs were shaking, she was convulsing, I don’t know how many times she came, sok<br />now he begged, the last time I said okay, I really wanted a bed<br />we went to her room, her husband sat at one end of the bed, I put aynuru face down<br />i put a pillow under it, I quickly stuck it halfway up, I pulled it back, come on<br />Don’t stop, sting them all, I’m on fire, I started to sting<br />it was really hot, it was burning, this woman, I started coming and going first<br />i put it in quickly, then I pulled it out slowly, and the contractions started again<br />water was flowing drop by drop on the head of my wound, I accelerated thoroughly for 15 minutes<br />i fucked him until he came trembling and Decanted a few times, then I came<br />i was about to come, I said, her husband is taking pills, she said to get divorced<br />i started to cum, I came out, he was still lying face down, even with his head Aynur<br />he didn’t lift, he was enjoying a cigarette, I lit a cigarette, or else I continue my experience<br />i asked if I should go, he said ask the guy aynuru, I asked continue until the evening<br />let’s do it, bida said I won’t live such a thing, I said ok, I finished my cigarette<br />i went to bed, i started fingering your ass, I was going to fuck your ass 1 finger 2<br />by finger, I got used to it thoroughly, there was no sound, sometimes it hurts Decently or something<br />she said I wet it a few times, licked it a little and lifted it again in the same position<br />i laid him down, this time I took the pillow under him, spat, stuck his head in<br />i waited a little, he said it hurt a lot, I kept stinging my voice, my voice<br />it was cut, I put it all in, I waited inside for a while to get used to it, and then I went<br />i started coming, she screamed in the first 1 minute, but then like crazy ohhh<br />he started to say it was faster to get it, I fucked like that for about 10 minutes, I got off<br />she was moaning, she had a lot of contractions, she said it was so beautiful, she took her to the shower<br />we fucked me there at once both anal and vaginally very well<br />he always said we could do it or something, but I’m a one-time<br />i’m on my side, I didn’t call again, Uncle Salih dropped me off in front of my house, eve<br />i went, I took a shower again, I didn’t sleep so well, how did Aynur sleep at all<br />who knows 🙂 🙂