Susana Melo – My new boss is sexy


My son is still closed, charming and 8 years older than me<br />he has a great wife (Sister-in-law). The two have been married about<br />it’s been 10 years and I’ve never said bad things about my sister-in-law<br />i didn’t think, of course, I was small then.<br />But since the beginning of this year, the recipe that I can not understand,<br />something happened inside me that I couldn’t do, I was madly longing for my sister-in-law<br />and I had an irresistible desire to fuck my sister-in-law.<br />When I saw my sister-in-law, I started to tremble, stutter when talking,<br />however, my accent is very smooth and I am a good speaker<br />i think I am. My excitement when I see my sister-in-law<br />i couldn’t control, inside of me, my feelings for my sister-in-law<br />i was excited to hit the ceiling…<br />The decision to marry my current wife at the beginning of this year<br />we got it and I got married 2 months ago. Within a year of getting married, I<br />the frenzy of marriage engulfed in my new house<br />i was restoring it, doing fine fine workmanship to every frame<br />I was worried, after all, I would have my own house. Thank you for my aunt<br />his son was helping me with the rough and fine construction of my house.<br />I was still calling your son for help every day, and he was coming.<br />But my goal was to see his wife, my sister-in-law. My Sister-in-Law<br />i felt good when I saw it, looking at my sister-in-law, with my sister-in-law<br />it gave me happiness to be close. Fucking my sister-in-law so much<br />I wanted to, it was an indescribable desire. My Sister-in-Law<br />every time I saw it, I would go into the bathroom, imagine that I was fucking my sister-in-law and shoot 31.<br />My sister-in-law had become my sex idol…<br /><br />But I was also very afraid of biryan, because my aunt’s son is a dangerous<br />he was a type, outwardly psychopathic, but to his wife<br />he was henpecked against. I think he’s also some<br />he was aware of things. Once halaoglu was with us,<br />we were sitting on the balcony drinking tea, mom and dad were with us.<br />My sister-in-law was also coming to us on foot. At that time, halaoglu told my mother my sister-in-law<br />by showing, “Look at my wife, how beautiful she is<br />it makes you squirm when you walk!" said. This word to provoke me<br />seventy had already increased as well. Halaoğlu is 10 years older than my aunt<br />he was big and ugly, a man with no purchases. My sister-in-law<br />her marriage had been arranged by an arranged procedure, the elders had decided, and my sister-in-law<br />and he had accepted. But when they come next to each other, it’s as different as mountains<br />there were, one was very beautiful, one was very ugly. My sister-in-law’s beauty<br />he was aware that Halaoğlu was also his wife’s<br />she was aware of her beauty, and I’m sure my sister-in-law’s eye<br />he was fucking my sister-in-law every night so that she wouldn’t be out. 2 units<br />they had children, a boy and a girl, they were a very happy family.<br />My sister-in-law was a person who was fond of honor.<br />But something had to happen, had to happen, to crack<br />i was about to. I can’t convince my sister-in-law somehow, her head<br />i had to mix it up, put myself in your mind. And<br />he is still afraid of my son, and also of my sister-in-law snapping at me<br />I was shy. My sister-in-law is a perfect woman with a perfect body in my eyes<br />she was the woman. She was constantly coming to help us with her husband<br />and we were working until late at night. Sometimes the husband does not come,<br />my sister-in-law was just coming to help my mother. The floor of my house is wooden,<br />one day my aunt was wiping them. He was wearing a bodysuit, and I was standing smoking<br />i’m drinking. Tits out while my sister-in-law wipes the floors<br />she was about to leave, she had super white plump breasts. Locations<br />as she wiped it, her breasts moved, almost making a circle. My sister-in-law or me<br />he wanted me to look, or he was completely innocent, unaware of my thoughts<br />he was helping. While I was catching a lion’s prey too<br />i was watching my sister-in-law as she moved slowly and deeply.<br />I couldn’t stop looking at my sister-in-law. From My Inside<br />at that moment, I came to stand behind my sister-in-law and look at her ass, which I admired. And<br />i got behind him, I could see the separation of his ass. Be mad<br />i was about to. To look into my sister-in-law’s eyes horny horny<br />I started. My sister-in-law also started looking at me,<br />he understood the situation, I think he<br />he wanted too. We both needed an opportunity.<br /><br />The next day my aunt came again. This<br />my mother was not at home, she went to the Sunday market. My sister-in-law asked my mother, at the Sunday<br />i said that it was, that he would be coming soon, and that he would help me<br />I wanted. My Aunt “Okay!" the expected opportunity to say<br />came out. My sister-in-law was wiping the marble in the kitchen, her waist<br />it was opened, her skin was visible. I couldn’t resist and straight from the back<br />i attacked my aunt. Before my sister-in-law says anything more, my hand<br />i threw it on the pussy and ran it over it. And what happened happened,<br />my aunt let herself go Tuesday. My sister-in-law’s skirt<br />i lifted it up, out of the panties in the snow-white panties<br />i went crazy when I saw her overflowing buttocks. Your Panties<br />when I downloaded it, my sister-in-law absolutely did not resist, so she<br />he wanted to, it was obvious. But I was afraid he wouldn’t. My dick without spending time<br />I put it out. Inside<br />when I entered, oh my God my sister-in-law’s pussy<br />it was on fire. I bent my sister-in-law’s head and bent over the counter<br />and I started fucking. my sister-in-law in 10 minutes<br />he had ejaculated, but I ejaculated late<br />i kept fucking because I was someone. My aunt now<br />he went crazy, begging me to cum, from getting caught<br />he was afraid. But I found my pussy,<br />I’d never leave! Abana abana I was fucking my sister-in-law’s pussy…<br />As my sister-in-law begs, I<br />i was being flattered and couldn’t believe it, i was crazy to fuck<br />i was inside the woman’s pussy and she told me<br />he was begging. I was crazy with pleasure and my sister-in-law<br />I started asking, “Who am I?"I said. My sister-in-law didn’t understand at first,<br />I asked again, “What am I to you now?” I said, “You’re my man!" said.<br />“What else?” I said, “You’re fucking!" said. “What else?” I said,<br />“You are my everything!" he said, because he was afraid of being caught, as soon as<br />he wanted to end it. “I have the authority to fuck you whenever I want then<br />i’m human! You’re such soyleycek!” I said, my sister-in-law told me too. Your ass<br />whipping to fuck my sister-in-law’s pussy<br />i continued. My sister-in-law ejaculated on the second, she could not stand,<br />her knees were unbound, “Please get off, baby!”<br />said. “Well! But I’m going to cum in your ass!"I said. Sister-in-law<br />she said that she had never given it out of her ass, even to her husband, and he did not accept it. This<br />it made me more horny, “Okay! Let’s go to the hall!” I said, from the kitchen<br />I picked him up and took him to the couch. I couldn’t believe it, that I was afraid<br />the woman was doing everything I said. Yenegem was afraid of being caught, but<br />he wanted to be fucked too, that was obvious…<br />I sat my sister-in-law on the couch and<br />i put my dick in her mouth. My sister-in-law started sucking cock.<br />My God, what a lust, what a desire is that! "Your sister-in-law’s husband<br />has he never put it in your mouth?"I said. “Hers is small, such a cock<br />is it not absorbed?” when I said that, I felt different. Myself,<br />(Damn this wife is honest, she will never give it to you, only fuck your dream<br />look at the closed wife I said, what is she saying, what is she doing,<br />he even sucks my balls!) i was thinking. Veins of my dick<br />he was in a position to explode now. Roll my sister-in-law on the couch<br />i got behind her again, spread her hips and<br />licking her pussy, and her ass at the same time<br />I started fingering. My sister-in-law got angry, “Don’t!" said. “More<br />i’m doing it for you to enjoy it too much, sister-in-law!” I said and he accepted this situation.<br />My goal is to train my sister-in-law’s ass and enjoy her<br />it was to fuck him in the ass when he went crazy. And the expected moment<br />he came, he was crazy now, once again<br />he was about to ejaculate, he was making strange movements, his voice when talking<br />she was shaking, just at that moment my dick in her ass hole<br />i rooted as I stood. My sister-in-law with pain<br />he was startled and started shouting, “Son of a bitch! I<br />didn’t I say don’t do it from there? Take it off, you Bastard! I<br />I’m going to!" said. But I had no intention of quitting, even more so<br />I was installed. I did a little back and forth in the ass, my sister-in-law herself<br />he left, even if he didn’t want to, cock his ass once<br />he entered, he had to accept…<br />When my sister-in-law’s ass got used to it, she said, "Damn, I’m not giving it to my husband,<br />you’re fucking me in the ass, you Bastard!" said. And I laughed and said, “With your husband<br />that’s the difference between us, everyone fucks Decoy, and I<br />i fuck what I want, do everything and get it done!"I said.<br />With a smile, he said, "You’re a Bastard!" said. "Even if I was a bastard, now I’m your second<br />my husband, you are my whore too! I said” " and keep fucking my sister-in-law in the ass<br />i did. But I’ve slowed down the pace and I’m fucking your ass talking and talking.<br />My sister-in-law said, “What the fuck did you do at the end, you fucked me, are you happy?" said.<br />“How so! And you? Didn’t you want it too?"I said. My sister-in-law said“ "The first<br />i understood it at first, as if it wouldn’t be understood anyway<br />you weren’t, I’m mad at you, but something<br />i didn’t say anything because I thought you couldn’t,<br />later I also wanted to, busefer myself<br />i was angry, about what would happen if we got caught, but now<br />i’m under here, enjoy the dick, maybe again<br />it may not be!" said. I was going crazy, if this was going to be the end, I was really<br />i fucked up, sped up and finally ejaculated on my sister-in-law’s ass.<br />My sister-in-law immediately said, “Your mother will come soon, pack up!" he said, and we gathered, as if<br />we continued cleaning as if nothing had happened. Of course, my mother<br />we Decked out Decently until he came. Mom came, we cleaned up.<br />Without letting my mother know, my sister-in-law and I look at each other from time to Dec Dec<br />we were trimming.<br />I am after a long Dec<br />i got married and my sister-in-law and I never fucked again, but my mind is constantly<br />it was at my sister-in-law’s. We were seeing each other almost every day as a family. Us with her husband<br />she was coming and courting her husband to make me jealous,<br />I was going crazy, and he was enjoying it. One Day to buy Beer at the Grocery Store<br />i went out, I saw my sister-in-law on the balcony on the way back. Me, “What<br />you’re doing?" said. "Nothing, I’m going home for a beer!"I said. “What is your wife<br />is doing?” he said, “He’s at work, he’s working!"I said.<br />“Is your mother at home?" said. “Yes!"I said. "Send your stupid mother out of the house and join her<br />let me come!" said. I was almost crazy, like, “Okay, I love you<br />i’ll call!” I said, I went home. To my mother, “Mom, let’s go to my aunts,<br />i get bored, I talk to my cousins!"I said. My mother<br />“Okay!” he said, we got in and went to the car. so that after 5 minutes you can go to the balcony to smoke<br />I got out and went back in, “Mom, I have to get out,<br />my wife called a problem with her credit card<br />yes, I have, I’m going to the bank and back!"I said. “Okay!" they said. From There<br />I left and went to my house, called my sister-in-law, “Okay, I don’t have a mother!” I said…<br />My sister-in-law came right away. Direct my sister-in-law<br />i threw it in the bedroom, we started undressing. My Sister-in-Law’s Thong<br />when he saw that she was wearing panties, he said, “I also love you, honest<br />i thought, Slut!"I said. My sister-in-law breaks down a little<br />it was like, "Why, what happened?" said. “I’m looking<br />you’re also wearing thong panties to fuck with me!"I said. "So Bitch<br />did me! Besides, let me look sexy to my man, well<br />fuck me! My husband has never been able to cum on me 3 times in a row, you<br />you’re completely different!" said. I went crazy, my sister-in-law immediately<br />i took her legs on my shoulder, fuck my dick