it had been 1 year since I got married, everything was fine with Akif and in a hot way<br />we were fine with what happened akif is a great marketing in istanbul<br />he was working at the company in the evening after dinner we took some<br />he passes out under the influence of alcohol, makes love to me repeatedly<br />she even enters her little hole in the back, which she accustoms with her fingers<br />i presented my name as canan blonde, slanted eyes, well-groomed, slim build and<br />i am a lady with round hips, 22 years old, akif is 24 years old, handsome, but<br />we loved each other very much the beginning of my story the boss of the night aquifer samet<br />it started with us attending your brother’s wife’s birthday at brother Samet’s house<br />it was a duplex with a garden and a beautiful summer with an attendance of about 10 families<br />it was the day the guests started drinking after the cake cutting, samet<br />brother’s wife nazan brunette was very beautiful, despite the age of 40, men<br />it was fascinating that my teal dress I was wearing was short.<br />the person’s eyes were drawn to me, there had been harassment to me before<br />i was shopping at the bazaar, but I liked akifi very much, I didn’t mind<br />the hall we found is very large and drinks are served at the tables set up in the middle<br />he was 35-40 years old and the two men next to brother Samet looked at me and<br />they were standing next to the waiter while Akif was chatting with a few ladies from the workplace<br />he approached and said if you have a request, I’m inside, I’ll help in any way<br />he was hanging, I thanked him, it was about 23 o’clock, akif was on the corner seat, nazan<br />immersed in a dark conversation with the lady, everyone was dancing to dance music, samet<br />abi came up to me and said let’s dance, I said yes, we started dancing, look canan<br />you won’t believe it, but he said yours will take nazan in a minute, how so I said<br />akif has been with my wife several times and my wife wants to go to bed with the man she wants<br />sokar said including yours, akif does what nazanin says, he can’t break it<br />I can’t be surprised, I said impossible nonsense.look at my sign, nazan<br />in the room in the corner that will lead to the aquifer, put the scarf around the neck of the aquifer’s throat<br />he will wear it and walk it inside like a dog, if you don’t believe, let’s bet, Akife said<br />i was so confident that I said I would enter everything if I won that tie<br />i’ll put it around your neck and show you around, but if you win, brother samet<br />by being thrown out, I said I would host you in my room upstairs for 30 minutes, we agreed<br />brother samet pointed at nazan, nazan forcibly lifted Akifi by the arm and said<br />he took me to the room, I was still confused, he said wait 5 minutes, then I followed them<br />i went, akif can’t stand, nazan put it in the position he wants<br />he was offering himself, akif was pushing nazan if nazan wanted to enter, and<br />he did his thing and put the tie around the neck of the aquifer and fucked himself like a dog<br />brother samet, come on, canan, you lost the bet, come on, he said, I was crying<br />we went up the stairs, nothing was worth anything to me<br />samet hugs me from behind and kisses my neck, puts his hand under my dress and my hip<br />he was boring, he put his mouth on the bed and went behind me, don’t bother him soon<br />he said you will be the happiest woman in the world kissing my lips from the side<br />i didn’t want to work, he took my hands off my head and untied my bra from behind<br />my breasts were shaking, pulling my panties down and my buttocks with small bites<br />kissing my ass cheeks apart and licking my asshole with his tongue<br />he almost tore my ass with his teeth, laid me on my side and quickly<br />she undressed, took off her panties, stuck her black dick in my mouth while swinging in front of her and<br />i lifted him up, he was clinging to my pussy and almost kissing, I had the pleasure<br />the black cock with the snatches scared me, but I wanted to, come on, shove it in<br />i said she wasn’t letting go of my pussy, I said I can’t stand it, I went behind me<br />i love your Decapitated ass, my love, you’ll see the difference between your husband and me, that’s<br />i will fuck my holes many times, my slave said i will make you my pussy<br />he slowly put the whole tool he put his head into me for the first time akifin<br />i was having a draining job by fucking me that he couldn’t do, so when he hesitated, no<br />i was saying that without paying attention to the air, slow entrances and exits, he emptied me himself<br />he ejaculated out, hung my pussy again, his huge dick is still erect and flowing<br />i didn’t want him to stick it in my back without fucking that little tiny hole of his<br />he said he wouldn’t let go, his big-headed dick’s head wasn’t going in, he forced a couple<br />it didn’t happen, he got wet and forced it again ihhh i said it was like an egg in my ass<br />they stung me, even though I shouted and pushed his hard-pressed dick inside<br />he stung me, he said you will be my whore, you will do what I say, he told me that evening 4<br />once he emptied my ass it hurt so much that even though I went down and sat down<br />my eyes were burning when he agreed with his wife and set her up to fuck me<br />we went into the counter, it was 1 o’clock at night, everyone was gone, akif passed out in the corner<br />brother samet’s friend sit next to me and get up i want to dance with you<br />he said i could hardly see i was drunk i didn’t want to forcibly grab me by the arm<br />he dragged me into the hallway, put me against the wall and walked behind me, I wasn’t even wearing my panties<br />the guy fucked me in both my holes and went away growling sounds from the inside<br />it was samet and his wife who got up and left the water around 4 a.m.<br />i told him that akif understood his guilt because he was wrong, we forgot about the incident, but<br />akif’s late-night lovemaking reminded me of that night, that thick black dick<br />i couldn’t get out of my mind, my body wanted sameti with my hand if I didn’t want it<br />i was masturbating in the bathroom akif at night, I couldn’t cum and<br />i wanted to call sameti and meet up. that day he would not go to work during the day to his home<br />he asked me to come, sent akif to work, and I to open the door yourself<br />he said he missed me, no, I said I wanted to talk, I went inside to his wife<br />he sent me to the bazaar, hugged me from behind, said no, you want to talk to me<br />i said I wanted to, he squeezed my hips with his hand and put his dick in my ass<br />i couldn’t move, put your finger under my dress and put it in my pussy, but here<br />he wants it turned upside down, stuck to my lips, we were kissing wildly on your couch<br />he started sucking my pussy on top of it, stood up and undressed inside me that thick<br />he stuck the tool in, he said do you want it, i said yes, he said how much, I always said<br />i was fucking fast, he said scream because I’m a whore, I said no, scream or else<br />he said he wouldn’t fuck you again, I yelled, I was a whore naked for about 2 hours<br />we had sex the last time we dated, different fantasies with you<br />he said you can’t even imagine we’ll live, I wondered if he really said<br />he did, and a week later I called again, and the next time I live differently<br />I’ll tell you about my relationships.


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