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My name is Demet, I am a student, We have a social and beautiful life. To you<br />the thing I’m going to tell, actually it’s my little secret to share it with you<br />I have decided.<br /><br />My uncles had household problems. they stay with us for about 2 weeks or so<br />it was supposed to. To host them by using all our facilities<br />we were working. Return to school in the evening, when I come home, everyone is ready there<br />he found out, we were talking until late at night. Quite<br />it was a beautiful environment. My breasts had just started to grow. At school<br />wearing a bra when I start to attract the attention of my male friends too<br />I was forced to. One day I forgot to wear a bra. Also at school<br />I wasn’t aware of. When I got home in the evening, my uncle’s gaze caught my attention<br />attracted. He was staring at my breasts with his eyes averted. Then the difference is<br />i did.<br /><br />I immediately went inside and looked at myself in the mirror. Pretty exciting<br />i was looking. I liked that I excited my uncle. My mini skirt<br />by wearing it, I revealed my beautiful legs. I wanted to do an experiment.<br />When I sat on the sofa to watch TV inside, my uncle’s face<br />there were expressions of amazement. I think my goal is that I want to drive him crazy<br />he understood. That you’ve been gliding my beautiful legs without letting anyone know there<br />I was aware. In addition, my uncle’s wife was also a very beautiful woman, and her<br />i was jealous. That’s why it’s a different pleasure for me to attract my uncle’s attention Jun<br />he was giving.<br /><br />One day our school was on vacation due to a national holiday. I got home early.<br />Everyone had gone somewhere. My uncle was home alone. Sitting in your armchair<br />he was reading the newspaper. I had the opportunity I was looking for. Further ahead<br />i was going to go! I changed my top and put on low-cut clothes and next to him<br />i sat down. Hello, uncle! How are you? i asked him about his memory and<br />i kissed her on the cheeks. My heart was pounding with excitement. My Head<br />stroking .thanks, honey!. said. Holding her hand .my heart<br />there is pain, I don’t know why!. so I put it on my breasts.<br />The hardness of my breasts made him quite excited. Eyeballs<br />was growing. I started laughing, .what happened, is it hard?. My uncle is angry now<br />He was out. I have to be sure. so saying, he began to palm them. In one move<br />lifting my blouse up so that he can comfortably see and touch them<br />I made it. My uncle started touching and licking my breasts. Mine too<br />i was enjoying it.<br /><br />Then we took off my skirt together. He helped me with his experienced hands.<br />And then when he realized that I didn’t have panties, he started shaking thoroughly. I<br />and I did not stand idly by and took a hand on his cock. He was tough. As I predicted, her<br />I managed to seduce! Stroking my clit with the tip of your fingers<br />started. I was already wet. Although my girlhood has never been to anyone before<br />i didn’t, but I was brave. It was going to break down one day anyway, today<br />let it spoil! My uncle pulled down his pants and panties with a serial movement<br />he placed his Decapitated cock in the leg search. I groaned with excitement.<br />He was also rubbing my breasts with one hand. To me, .she’s ready to take mine<br />could you?. said. Me too, in a low voice .yes when you say forward your cock,<br />he pushed it right into my pussy. I felt pain. But I really enjoyed it. The War<br />by moving my hips with the victory drunkenness of having won, this<br />i celebrated my success. After a while, my uncle took off his cock and put it on me<br />he ejaculated. He didn’t want to get me pregnant. With my hands on my breasts<br />by touching the sperm, I took the sperm smeared on my fingers into my mouth and<br />i licked it. My uncle, .you are a very sweet girl and you are a<br />you’re crazy!. he complimented me by saying. Since that day, it has always been in secret