Terrible Dork Punishes His Cheating Spouse For Cheating


My name is Mualla. 42 years old, too thin<br />uncountable, 1.65 tall, a closed<br />I am a lady. I separated from my wife 7 years ago. Young<br />being widowed at an age is my sexual life<br />he snapped it off. This is a permanent resort.<br />My financial situation is very good, thank God, to myself<br />with rental income from 3 apartments belonging to<br />i get along. The only one suitable for my age last year<br />I married a gentleman with a child. 18-year-old<br />my stepson Cemil also comes to live with us<br />started. Reads. His school is fine, but<br />he has a rather introverted personality. Anyway,<br />3-4 months after getting married, what happened to my new husband<br />i don’t know if it happened, but our sex life suddenly<br />it’s over. An unwillingness to stop at a man out of the blue<br />it started, so I didn’t go too far on it, but<br />some nights I was longing for sex. This<br />i wasn’t going to talk to anyone about it either, like this<br />sharing things with someone in this resort<br />it was an impossible thing, did the rumor spread a<br />now this place would become uninhabitable. Necessarily<br />i threw it inside me.<br />It was 1 month before that, my husband is for a job<br />he had gone to Istanbul for a few days. That day<br />my stepson Cemil to bathe in the bathroom<br />he had entered, but I noticed that there was no sound of water.<br />Because I was afraid of poisoning a shohben<br />when I came to the door of the bathroom, from the inside,<br />Ahhh! Ohhh! mixed with the sounds of ‘shak shak’<br />their voices sounded. This is the first time it caught my attention,<br />when I bent down and looked through the keyhole,<br />I saw Cemil masturbating.<br />His masculinity is considerable with a bruised head<br />it was extremely big. I didn’t know what to do,<br />but I couldn’t help watching it either. One<br />at that moment my hand went to my panties and my pussy<br />I realized that I began to caress. This<br />i did it unintentionally and my pussy was watered.<br />Officially my stepson got up and stiffened<br />I was turned on by your dick. And at that time Cemil<br />he was starting to ejaculate. Like a fountain<br />he was ejaculating, combing my hand in his<br />that you put one of my panties on your cock<br />I saw. At that moment I had very mixed feelings<br />I didn’t know what to do . Silently<br />i walked away from the bathroom door and into the kitchen<br />I went and set the table for dinner.<br />Cemil came out of the bathroom after 10 minutes,<br />he came in wearing his sweatpants. We had our dinner,<br />when I said it was tea, it was TV, it was late,<br />we went to our rooms and went to bed. But don’t make me sleep<br />it wasn’t holding, that state of my stepson in the bathroom<br />he was always in front of me, and whether he wanted to or not<br />my hand went to my cunt again. Stroking my pussy and<br />for the first time I began to satisfy myself.<br />Cemilin my panties while masturbating<br />the use of da is a question mark in my mind<br />he had created, with those thoughts, a strange<br />I’ve had an orgasm. I’m obsessed with this incident,<br />I remembered my sexuality again. This<br />with the thought that from the next day the house<br />instead of a long skirt in it, it fits snugly on my hips,<br />taking a tracksuit with a slight neckline<br />i started wearing it. I was following Cemili,<br />i was unconsciously checking your gaze<br />and I was right in my predictions. Jamilin<br />aroused by my body and bulging in front of<br />I could see it. What I would do first<br />i was surprised, but Cemil’s fluffy cunt<br />the more I saw, the more aroused I became. This job<br />where was he going to end up?<br />I succumb to my will and freikik inside the house<br />as we walk around giving, we are both aroused<br />we were being, and she immediately went to the toilet and self<br />he’s draining, and I’m doing the same thing in my bed at night<br />i was doing it. Now my willpower is completely<br />i started losing, how many months have I been sexually<br />i wasn’t my age and when I looked in the mirror i own<br />I was even aroused by my body. One<br />i decided to make an experiment in the evening and<br />i’ve prepared myself. To my room after dinner<br />who goes and takes off my underwear and covers my knees<br />I put on my nightgown and came to the salon. A to DVD<br />to put a horror movie and watch it with Cemille<br />we started. It’s very tense, scary and<br />it was a dark movie. When the movie ends and I’m going to bed,<br />I pretended to be very scared and said, "Yes Cemil<br />after this movie, he’s alone in life tonight<br />I can’t sleep! Come on, Mom, come together<br />shall we go to bed?I said. It’s as if he’s satisfied with yesterday too,<br />“Okay mom, let’s go to bed!said…<br />I hugged Cemile and we went to my room.<br />I got in first, went to bed, and Cemil too<br />he took off the bottom of his sweatpants and only boxers<br />entry bed. "I’m so scared, Cemil, to me<br />hold on tight!” I said, and I turned my back. Jamil<br />and we sleep hugging me from behind. Many<br />a stiffness between my thighs before passing Dec<br />I’m starting to feel. Already only<br />i was in a nightgown and there were no panties under me. Jamil<br />as you Decently shield your cock, the hip search is light<br />while he was leaning just standing there, I made a movement<br />I leaned on Jamila. Something on the lawn<br />that it broke off and my pussy watered, even<br />I noticed that your water is flowing. Jamil My Ass<br />pressing on his cock to move it slightly slightly<br />when he started, Cemil did not stand idle either and<br />the right hand resting on my hip, already<br />it’s starting to get hard on my chest<br />bringing it up, as his fingers draw circles<br />he had begun to caress. We weren’t talking at all…<br />I’m playing my ass again, a little on your cock<br />when I lean more, now Cemil takes his hand from my chest<br />he pulled it off, put down his boxer all at once and took off my nightgown<br />when you strip when you realize i’m without panties,<br />your cock burning like fire my bare buttocks<br />he had already placed it between Dec. At that moment I was completely<br />i was disconnected, my breathing became frequent and<br />I started breathing loudly.<br />Jamil’s cock, watered and<br />between the lips of my lubricated pussy Decked<br />sat. I wasn’t stuck anymore,<br />pulling my knees to my stomach and my hips well<br />when I push back, Cemil’s cock suddenly<br />he was inside. At that moment it was such a Oohhhhh!<br />i pulled it out loud! Cemil’s two hands from the bottom<br />and he grabbed my two breasts from the top, caressing<br />while squeezing the mixed, on the one hand fast fast<br />trying to get in and out of my pussy and Uhhh!<br />Uuuh! he was starting to make noises. Me<br />I didn’t even realize how I was moaning.<br />Cemilin she is hard and you are fucking her veins<br />the cock I feel in your walls is inside me every<br />in the introduction, “Ooohhhhh, aaaahhhh, more<br />faster, harder, ooohhhh so beautifulllll,<br />sockkk!" then suddenly an amazing orgasm<br />i lived and ejaculated with tremors…<br />But Cemil is still soggy, ima<br />it was going on and on. A little later he also<br />moaning and lowing to squirt inside me<br />started. Oh my God, such a beautiful thing<br />it couldn’t have happened yet. Whose sperm and water are we<br />it got tangled together and the bed sheets were messed up.<br />But Cemil’s cock is still hard inside me<br />he was protecting. A kiss on my neck at that moment<br />i felt it and while turning on my back, Cemil also<br />I went to. Hug<br />the cock that still stays hard while kissing<br />while pressing on my belly, our lips and<br />our tongues were entwined. Long<br />after kissing, my head on Cemil’s chest<br />i held on and closed my eyes for a while.<br />I felt sick and just fell asleep. For a while<br />then when I woke up with my pussy being stroked,<br />my hand also grasped Cemil’s cock<br />even. That night until the morning Cemil me<br />by rolling over, bouncing on your lap, me<br />sitting on it like a horse and jumping on it, 4 times<br />he fucked more. And after that night, our fucks<br />continued. When his father is not at home<br />Cemille we fuck like crazy