The black chick gives her mouth hard.


I’m a secretary at a company, a jewelry store next to my workplace<br />there is. The owner of the shop is quite charismatic and handsome, every morning<br />we greet each other when we pass by the store, but we both<br />we cannot help but looking at. her looks already impress me a lot. To him this<br />I can’t wait to tell you about the provocative feelings I feel. no more<br />I was starting to want her so much I couldn’t take it anymore.One day<br />when I was alone in the store, I went under the pretext of buying a ring, dressed very sexy<br />I had to pull her to me, and it happened as I said. Tight and mini on me<br />i wore a skirt and had a cleavage-baring bady while walking down the road<br />I realized that everyone’s eyes were on me. In front of the shop door<br />I was so excited when I arrived and I was so horny. Open the door and let in<br />i entered, my heart was beating hard, he was very surprised to see me, welcome<br />so saying, he shook my hand. I want to buy myself a beautiful ring<br />i told you, and if you want to take off the rings and try it on, how about on your finger<br />he said, look where you’re standing. That you looked at my breasts while I was trying on the rings<br />i noticed it and never gave it away.i like my own two models and my hand<br />he held the ring and put it on, looking into my eyes, asked if you liked it<br />I said, of course, I’ll wear it after you like it. The ring is right on my finger<br />holding my hand while taking it off, please keep the ring, something cold first<br />he said, shall we drink? if I hold my hand and think that my mirrored decor is the place megerse<br />it was a door to another room.