Then he asked me, ‘If you don’t have an after-work job, should we have a drink together if you want’. I was really surprised by this, but of course I agreed and said it would happen. In fact, I was very, very excited both at that moment and in the sequel. For some reason, especially with the handsome man I have been dreaming of for a long time, I would at least be away from the business environment now. Anyway, it was evening and I got ready and started waiting for him. And when I heard this at work, I was crazy with joy, I immediately went to my room and went to my desk. But I told you, my heart almost broke from joy. Especially if there was sex at the end of the evening, then I would be incredibly happy. But I know that this was a situation that was completely in my hands. For this reason, I was dressed in a provocative size to look extremely sexy for the evening. In the evening, he came to pick me up, when I got into the car, he was incredibly shocked and frankly said that I had never realized before that I was such an attractive, sexy lady.


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