He was kissing me like he was going to rip my lips off. When Halil ejaculated on me, he started licking the cum on me. I was a little disgusted by it, but I don’t think anything was nauseating for Buse. When I left the room to take a shower, Buse came after me. He said he would give me more pleasure from them and went into the bathroom and locked the door from behind. Buse took my feet in her mouth, so I was holding her by the hair and giving her directions. There was a big round bathtub in the bathroom. He stretched me out there and started licking my vagina. I could feel his tongue inside me, I ejaculated in his mouth many times. The hot water rushing over us was making me even more inflamed. When Buse saw me like this, he wanted us to move to the 69 position, I think he was jealous of my taste.


Black, Blonde, Russian

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