But I was drinking the whiskey dry, and that made my head feel even better. When they finished, I said, ‘I want to take a shower,’ but he told me, please don’t take a shower, I want to be with you like this, and as soon as he said that, he stuck to my lips, we started to be together like crazy. He was really incredibly horny, I immediately pulled down his pants and began to give him a very nice oral experience. He couldn’t last very long anyway, and he immediately ejaculated into my mouth. However, I continued, he became even more frantic, his instrument almost never came down, and then we went to bed. This time it was his turn, he started licking me, and he was really licking me so much that I felt like I was going to die of sex hunger and go crazy with pleasure. He didn’t stop at all, then I wanted to feel his thick and veiny thick cock inside me, I can’t take it anymore, I said go on.


Blonde, Xhamster

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