Hi, I’m Hakan Germany I live in Munich, 34 years old hazel with black hair<br />there was a gentleman with eyes , a Friend of my wife, Barbara, and I was sick of that woman<br />i always say to my wife, I wonder what she would say if we did 3 with Barbara, my wife<br />if you want to laugh at me, tell him I don’t dare, I don’t know<br />i’m a little embarrassed, either yes or no, he’ll tell me what to say<br />he spoke….<br /><br />One day I called him, I said, do you have time, put coffee water, I’m coming<br />the room is all right, Hakan, come here, I’m waiting, he said, and my wife, ok, I’m going<br />let’s see what I want to say today, I said, come on, sansin bol<br />let’s see, but I don’t know anything about anything, haaaaah, according to him, he said<br />i said okay, dear<br /><br />I pressed his bell, but come on, what was the problem with me, no<br />I had never fallen so weak next to a woman 🙂 , then he opened the door<br />she had a mini skirt and a top shirt on and her legs were so beautiful and she told me<br /><br /> He said, ”Hi Hakan, how are you, come inside?" so I went inside and told me<br />he showed me where to sit, smiled, went to the kitchen and brought coffee<br />….<br /><br />he asked me, " No, did you know the way to my house, which<br />the wind horse said” "I want it so I came here wondering ethically if you’re a mistake."<br />don’t you ever look for him to be very curious”" I said that there are a lot of jobs and<br />tell me that your child has a health problem, anyway, our coffee<br />he showed me pictures of us sipping<br /><br />The pictures he took on vacation , I was looking at one by one, one Picture<br />vardi was lying down in a bikini and sunbathing, this is the opportunity, my son<br />i said hakan and told him<br /><br />" oh my God, Barbara, is that you , what a beautiful body you have, you’re super<br />you’re a lady like a model, " I said, oh, Hakan, don’t exaggerate, but seda nin<br />she said her body is beautiful, yes, my wife is a very beautiful lady, but you have<br />i said you’re beautiful and she smiled …


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