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After dancing a lot, she headed towards the table for the men she was dancing with<br />he came, we said hello, they sat down .we met one of them, a German one<br />helmut tütk was a German guest and tolga from ankara was a business owner<br />.we offered drinks, the conversation darkened together, your tolga wife is a sweet woman<br />he said I told him they were staying at the hotel for 1 week.night<br />it’s 04 o’clock, we said let’s get up, tolga, let’s go to our room if you want<br />he said I drink there, I asked my wife, she said ok, we got up and went to their room<br />my wife was so high, she couldn’t help herself anymore, helmut and<br />he was joking with tolga, he couldn’t be sincere, so I warmed up<br />the two of them .tolga compliments helmut, he started to look like food<br />enamel .when mine sits on the edge of the bed, her skirt is over her kneecaps<br />it seemed to come out inside, and I left everything to it so that it wouldn’t make a sound.<br /><br />we started sipping our drinks, tolga sat next to the enamel glass<br />he shakes helmutta to go to them and oada enamel my sweet wife very much<br />he started complimenting you because you were beautiful.more comfortable movement in enamel<br />he was making hand jokes, getting up to go to the mine Decoy sometime<br />he wanted to stagger, fell into the tolga’s lap, they stayed like that for a while<br />tolga’s skirt was stripped off in amazement<br />holding my wife’s ass with her thong out, her hand is still up in the ass<br />he took me to the bathroom, came into the room blushing and said sorry, I’m important<br />when you say no, you really have a very sweet wife, when you say a woman to fuck<br />the heads are drunk, i’m tolerant, I like my wife very much, sexy<br />she is a woman, we both love sex very much, I said that all kinds of sex are welcome<br />tolga, well, brother, with the enamel, if you want, different tastes tonight<br />he said let’s do it, and when I said why not, well, helmut can join<br />said<br />at that time, mine entered the room, I said, my love, tolga is here tonight, and<br />i said let’s stay with helmut in the room, my love, if you want it, tolga<br />she hugged the enamel and said that you are a very sweet woman, we want to fuck you, what do you say<br />if we’re all going to enjoy the enamel somehow, why not, tolgac<br />for the first time in my life, I will be with three men and an uncircumcised person<br />he said, give me pleasure, I will be with you as long as you want.<br />tolga began to kiss the enamel standing up, helmut took courage and went behind her<br />tolga found her g-string in helmut and took off her bra mine<br />Decked out in the middle of the room, she was caught between two men. in a snap<br />they undressed helmut’s dick about 20 cm tolaga’s bottom up 18<br />there were so many cm my minem was really going to have a sex feast tonight and<br />we were fulfilling our fantasies . so I got naked to watch them<br />i started