The crispy girl who went to the doctor had to give it.


Slm I’m 1.75 tall from konya, slightly yellow, I’m a 24-year-old every Dec<br />anyway, my story is in a popular shopping center in Konya<br />i’m working, you know, it’s very busy, so I’m getting very tired again like this<br />i barely threw myself at home in the evening of a tiring day, it was about 7 o’clock in the evening<br />and my stomach was ringing, I immediately called my pizzeria and ordered pizza and coke<br />i gave it to him, and then I went into the shower to relax, went into the room and looked at the TV<br />i reached for the jacket, I was startled by the knock on the door, I think our pizzeria Ahmet<br />when I opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was so beautiful in front of me<br />there was a girl I didn’t know, but she was very nervous, I think she was scared, worried<br />he gave me the pizza with his eyes and I asked him what happened to me of his ex-boyfriend<br />she said that she was wearing it and that she was afraid that he would do something to her<br />so I invited him in for a little rest and a glass of water<br />he paused a moment, and then came in.when i asked ahmet, he ordered<br />that he himself is going home, that his house is on this road route<br />he said that’s why he brought the order the way<br />selin was a 20-year-old girl with a fair complexion but thin black hair (by the way Dec<br />i have a weakness for girls like that) after the fear has passed, a little bit of him<br />we started a level conversation to relax him from Ankara<br />that comp.progra. he said that he had read the section and shbettn then let<br />he wanted me to stay a little longer to make sure my pc is broken right now<br />i asked if you could look at it, the room thought about it and agreed, and<br />he went to the computer table and started mixing up the inside of the pc, so I went inside<br />i went to get a coke and when I entered the room, I was in my private file<br />i saw you looking (usually my pictures and some porn I like<br />flimler’s file) he tried to close it when I came, but he couldn’t do it<br />so I told him he could look at it if he wanted to, and if he was embarrassed, he would flim<br />he started to look, and in the movie, he was licking a short man’s cock like ice cream.<br />Of course, my little one couldn’t stand it and started to resurrect .selin did this<br />she was a little embarrassed when she saw that her cheeks were so red that she was so innocent<br />it made me a little more aroused, he was looking forward, lifting his chin<br />i looked into his eyes and he shook his head as if to say I want to.slowly<br />i stood up and fell on his lips, he never resisted and like crazy<br />we started kissing, I wrapped my back with one hand and my chest with the other<br />i started stroking her ass, and she didn’t stop idly, she put her hand on my dick and<br />he started stroking, my cock was like iron now, after a little kissing<br />then I took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom, put her to bed, I<br />i’m a virgin, we’ll just do oral okay, he said okay, I said okay and again<br />we started kissing and I pulled up her t-shorts and she’s kissing<br />i was continuing to caress her breasts, I took off her t-shorts and from above<br />sucking down, I Decamped to her breasts and started sucking once in a while<br />i was throwing bites on her nipples, she was enjoying it very much, perfectly aroused<br />he was moaning so much, I went down further and took off his pants white<br />she was wearing a thong and I took off her thong and her pussy was clean and water<br />he was inside, I put my hand on her pussy and started sucking from her belly to her crotch<br />i started licking and I went down to her pussy, I started licking, moaning thoroughly<br />he started pressing my head against his pussy, it wasn’t long before he started to contract<br />i kept licking her pussy and she came trembling, all pleasure<br />i sucked her juices, licked her pussy some more and started kissing again<br />we started, hugging tight and saying thank you, never such a pleasure<br />he was saying that he wasn’t alive, we kissed a little more, selin you kiss very well<br />i said, I do other things very well, he said to stroke my dick<br />it started, I put my back against the headboard of the bed and half sat in the shape<br />i passed, first he wetted my cock by licking it, and then he started giving a blowjob,<br />he was really doing it very well, as he said, it was like he was sucking my dick’s blood into it<br />he was pulling , exploiting my eggs from time to time so as not to Decant immediately<br />i changed the position and then I was in your mouth and I lay down on the bed<br />i sat him on my head and started licking his pussy, and again<br />he was flying with pleasure and he started saying, do it now,, fuck me, my dick<br />i brought her closer to her pussy, I moved her a little between her pussy lips Decently,<br />with the excitement that I was going to spoil your girl, my dick was like a stake in your hole<br />i held on and gradually began to get into the honey box, the hole was very narrow<br />and I wanted to make her feel as little pain as I could, my dick<br />his head was in, I stuck his head in and out for a while, a little further<br />i started pushing, his head completely entered, and when I pushed a little more, he threw<br />the screams started to get louder, so for a while I waited a little<br />i kissed her , telling her that she was about to become my wife so that she wouldn’t let herself<br />i said that I would be very happy or something, I took my dick out a little and from the edge<br />four or five drops of blood dripped on the bed, I put it back in line and<br />i took it back out again, the blood continued to drip slightly, again<br />i stung, bent down, kissed a little, I said you’re my little wife now, every<br />he puts it a little further at a time, I was waiting a little, and in the end<br />i put it all in, I waited like that for a while, he hugged me tightly and<br />i started to come and go slowly, my love said it hurts a lot, so I<br />i came out, we waited a little, the pain eased, or he got used to the pain, I went back in<br />and gradually I started coming back and forth, and he started to enjoy it and a little<br />then he ejaculated, so I came out of it, ejaculated, and then we took a nice shower.<br />I woke up in a moment, the phone, the doorbell is ringing bang bang right around me<br />i looked, but there was no flood, and then I realized that everything was a dream, damn me<br />i said yes, I opened the door right away, my friends, we had a match at 10 o’clock in the evening<br />they came for us, so we were late, in a dream with a girl I never knew<br />i’ve been together, and I’ve had a ton of words from my friends, but in a dream<br />it was very nice though, yes, friends, you know, they say, but in your dream<br />in case you see, mine is also something like this, this is my msn address<br />[email protected]<br />/* */ I am especially waiting for what happens in Konya, subject to the confidentiality requirement<br />and maybe we’ll make it real for everyone with sexy days