Hello, this is my second story, as some of them lie<br />he can, but I’m a realist, bastard by my nickname anyway. i’m a friend of mine<br />i went to his house for dinner, except for me when I went to their house, the newly married couple<br />i had met them and I liked them and they liked me.but the girl is new<br />she was like a stone because she was married, and she was so beautiful.one day they will have a plague<br />they invited me to dinner, and I felt lucky. food<br />we were sipping beers while eating, my eyes were constantly on the girl’s breasts<br />and it was on her hips.he noticed my looks and my<br />he began to look into my eyes, and I immediately began to imagine him under me<br />I started. since we ran out of beer, her husband went back to the store and bought beer<br />he was going to take it, and I started asking questions, knowing this as an opportunity.marriage<br />by saying how. the room asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said no<br />if I said would you accept, I immediately stuck to your lips and<br />i started pinching. suddenly her husband came and caught us while I was running away<br />they don’t go to me, we’ve always wanted something like this, but in the end<br />you’re out. i began to slowly undress his wife, her husband looking at us<br />31 had started shooting.i couldn’t take it anymore and put my dick in and<br />I started going back and forth.to shove her husband in her ass while I fuck her<br />it started and we were both going back and forth.my waist came right away<br />i took it out and ejaculated in his mouth. i fucked 5 mail women that night and their lives<br />they call me when they want, I fuck


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