Hello, I am Ayla 21 years old. Sexy brunette with big tits, blue eyes and<br />I’m an attractive girl. I will tell you, this incident is absolutely real. Just<br />the names in it had been changed. Anyway I move on to my story<br />I want. I will tell you about an incident that happened to me about a year ago<br />event.Akay, whom I literally ran after during my high school years<br />there were two children.all the boys of the school blink to be with me<br />while igniting, this boy remained almost unresponsive to all my seductions<br />he’s always driven me more.high school years passed this way<br />then I found out that Ak and I won the same university.that makes me quite<br />he made me happy because he had a reckless attitude towards me in high school<br />Akay, who exhibited, had become a completely different person at the university.our time<br />we spent almost all of it together and got along pretty well.this time<br />throughout, my passions for Akaya are increasing day by day with her<br />I was constantly wearing miniskirts and freaking out to be able to be. This<br />my attitude will soon have an effect that Akay is also empty<br />not to stop, to stare at me at every opportunity, to make small harassment<br />it had begun.after continuing in this way for a while, Akay one day<br />many people from boys to girls who would give a big party at their home<br />he asked if I could come with his future. I was already satisfied with yesterday<br />I accepted the offer immediately.when the party day came, the phone rang caller<br />of course, if it was flowing, could I come to the party early and need help<br />he said he was. The opportunity was this opportunity, what to do and do with the case<br />I was to be.I almost jumped on this offer. I took a shower right away.inside me<br />i wore my red thong with my newly bought lacy bra and a white thong underneath<br />I wore my mini effect and black patterned overweight socks. On me<br />i put on a tight blouse to show my breasts and run my steps<br />I went to the place where the party was to be held.<br /><br />In the meantime, we are studying in Izmir, and the party is at Akayin’s uncle’s Deckhouse<br />it was in a very luxurious beautiful place.i knocked on the door and couldn’t wait<br />I set.When Akay opened the door, he believed his eyes compliments<br />he invited me in with him.since the hour is earlier, the house<br />it was empty.Together with Ak, we tidied up the house a little, arranged drinks for 1 hour<br />after such a time, it is still 4-5 hours before the guests arrive vardı.biz de<br />we just pretended and opened some drinks and started chatting<br />we set off.with the effect of the drink, the subject soon came to sex, or rather<br />Akay brought the subject to sex.he asked me if I was a virgin.her virgin<br />he was very surprised when I told him I was.how men treat me today<br />he said he couldn’t believe they left it so fucked up.i’m towards him too<br />I said that I found the guy, but he somehow couldn’t take the first step.full<br />in the meantime, Akay stuck to my lips.i didn’t expect this move at first<br />i was a little nervous, but then I started fighting back, crazy<br />we were kissing like Akay is touching my breasts with the other hand from my hip<br />he was holding it and pressing it against himself.i’m not standing idly by, unbuttoning your shirt<br />i was figuring it out.Akay has taken off my blouse and my breasts over my bra<br />he was licking and sucking like a bruise, but he never spoke, and I myself<br />I vowed to give him the greatest pleasure of his life.slowly<br />i bent down and unzipped his pants and his penis, which was already like a stake<br />I started licking the Akay’s penis around 16 cm, but it was quite thick.<br />She licks and sucks eagerly like the women in the porn movies I watch<br />i was making him even more horny with tongue strokes. In this way for about 10 minutes<br />after continuing, Akay grabbed me by my arms and lifted me up with my bra<br />he took off my mini skirt and underwear in a snap, now we both have<br />we were naked, and I had surrendered myself to him. Akay me on the couch<br />i lay down and my pussy was covered, my pussy, which was already watered, was thoroughly watered, and I came on<br />i started begging my man to fuck me now. Put my leg on your shoulder<br />he took his dick and rooted it in me in an instant, how I screamed at that moment<br />i can’t tell you for the life of me, but it made the case even more intense quickly<br />he came and went, not paying attention to my screams.tonight is too big for me<br />he said that he would experience pleasures, it was my wish.<br /><br />Then, very soon, we both ejaculated Akay cum on my breasts<br />she squirted and put her dick in my mouth i sucked and licked with a great appetite<br />The dick of the akay instantly became like a pile again, reversing me in one move<br />she wants to taste my ass by turning this pleasure to other men<br />he said he wouldn’t quit.whatever he says I have completely given myself up to him<br />i was doing this in different positions for about 1 and a half hours<br />we made love and then we went into the shower together after some sex in the shower<br />then suddenly the door opened and I knew him in high school, but more<br />then a boy named Kadir, whom I have never seen, came in with a dirty smile on his face<br />there was.he didn’t react at all when I was looking for him to throw him out<br />I hadn’t given.he immediately dried off and went out, I’ll leave you alone<br />said.i was shocked, I almost couldn’t say a word, I ran and hugged Akaya<br />when I lean my breasts against his marble-like body, we both lustfully<br />we were shaking.Akay in my ear, I’m so sorry to you, I beg you to forgive me<br />but believe me, you will also enjoy my purpose in bringing you here today<br />that was it, but I didn’t think things would develop like this<br />he was saying words, and I burst into tears, still wrapped in Akaya<br />i was asking how you could do this to me while I was inside and then your name<br />a tall curly boy, whom I learned was sezer, entered and Akay<br />come on, brother, we gave you so much money, he said get out.Akay me from yourself<br />he pushed it away and went out and locked the door.inside with two horny men<br />I was on my own, but I don’t know if it’s because of my grudge against Akaya at the time<br />i was extremely horny, if rape is inevitable, I thought I’d take care of enjoying it at this time<br />kadir took out his dick and started patting me, even if he was looking at me<br />money, you gave me so much money, I’m yours tonight, kneel in front of the power<br />i collapsed and started licking, but kadir won’t be able to take it anymore<br />he immediately ejaculated on my face while I was undressed in the sezer Akay bercermiş you bad<br />she crossed behind me saying she wouldn’t trust the pimp anyway and shoving his dick<br />it was not as thick as the dick of Akay, but in length<br />was the same.after some fucking in this way, I went to the bedroom kadire<br />When I told him I wanted him to join us, he said no, but then<br />otherwise, I’ll cause difficulties, and they had to accept it that way<br />we went to the bedroom and made love until the morning, and then kadirle sezer Decamped<br />other men came, but Akay was always with me, now his little<br />i was a whore and I was enjoying it when I said i loved what happened<br />i don’t remember, but as far as I found out later, my men at the party<br />almost all of them were with me that day in exchange for money.o day<br />it was the most enjoyable and exhausting day of my life, but now I’m doing this for money<br />i’m not doing it, Akay, I’m kadir and sezer, as long as the three of us get the opportunity<br />we have sex.but I finally managed to get the child I wanted..


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