my wife is my nilgün<br />i was working in construction in my spare time while studying at my father<br />since he is a contractor, as the son of the boss in the construction of my father, according to my mind<br />I was working, I was being land-wise.against the construction that my fathers did<br />in the corner, the women and girls of the neighborhood gathered and chatted.I<br />the nilgu I fell in love with them.slightly chubby curvaceous large ample and<br />she was a very pretty girl in a light short skirt.when he sits down, he hardly<br />since you’re not afraid, me and the workers have seen your panties many times.side<br />his friend Canan was more open than him.we’d see it in his, or my taste<br />to see my lover’s panties and have those who see them tell me excitedly<br />it was listening.those who work in construction, I fell in love with nilgun<br />they didn’t know.that’s why you tell me your dreams and what you see about him<br />they were not afraid to exaggerate.some days we have tea or something.<br />when he brought it, he would talk to us while we were having tea in the upper formwork<br />i went down for something in between and I got it Decked out quickly.when leaving a wall<br />when I heard that he was sighing ohh behind him, I thought I’d take a curious look<br />when I looked, our sergeant necati was shooting 31 looking<br />she had seen.when I look up from the Decking, the nilgün is from the bottom<br />i saw it up there.she wasn’t wearing panties, but only from right under her pussy<br />it could have been seen.there was necati there, and 31 ç no matter if it was<br />so I went to him when he looked at me and blushed with shame suusss<br />i pointed and I looked up.ohh that was a great pussy.light<br />he was black-haired.the ass rounds were his next hacienda<br />her legs were visible to the end, or she had white panties.that wonderful cunt<br />I put my hand on my dick in front of him, he was already upright.


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