I’m a 20-year-old,1.70 tall, black hair, blue eyes. Well, it’s beautiful<br />I’m kind. Anyway, I’m going to tell you about an incident that happened to me last summer.<br />I went to my aunt’s in Ankara for a holiday.My aunt’s first week<br />we toured with his son. By the way, she is 18 years old, Decently tall (estimated 1.88<br />vicinity). Anyway, we didn’t leave the place we visited in the first week, Ankara?also. Second<br />during the week, we spent more time at the computer.<br />When I said it was the Internet, chatti, games, time flowed like water. Bidet is new<br />He bought a CD Writer. Make me mp3s from a very large music archive<br />we started filming. Thank you, he also sings every song I want<br />he was pulling without crumpling.I also have everything that is missing on my computer at home<br />i was trying to get the song. Anyway, we made 6 mp3s. Sunday<br />on the day my aunt said that there was nothing at home, we all together<br />he suggested we go shopping. However, I will be leaving in two days because the CD<br />I wanted to finish the shooting as soon as possible. That’s why my aunt is with my son<br />we didn’t want to go.My aunt also did not force us, and up to two hours<br />he left, saying he’d be back. Now we were alone at home, and I CD<br />I felt indebted to my aunt for them. Computer<br />we started chatting at the beginning while we were shooting our last CD. Her crucial questions<br />I was just asking. ?Do you have a boyfriend??, ?Has it ever happened before?? then this is his<br />when I saw that you were not bored with the questions, I asked my last question. ?Have you ever been a national<br />is it??I said, and immediately after that I asked him to answer honestly. One moment<br />then he paused ?I’m really not.? said. I feel good for you. With him<br />I decided to bed. I said okay. Then if you want it too, I’ll give you the first<br />i said I’m going to score your goal. Suddenly his eye lit up. How he said. I said with me.<br />I grabbed him by the hand and lifted him from the computer. On top of her bed<br />i sat him down. I unbuttoned it and started licking it. He couldn’t stand it either.<br />Holding my head with his hands, pressing a little more each time<br />he was trying to put his whole dick in my mouth. He stopped my head for a moment and<br />he started unbuttoning my shirt. Then she took off my bra.<br />He started licking my breasts while his hands are behind my mini skirt Decked out<br />he was unzipping. She pulled my skirt down to the floor. In the face of no more single panties<br />i stayed . me of his T-shirts I got the reputation. With the buttons already open<br />i pulled your pants down. He also lowered his panties. And again<br />he started licking my breasts. Then he lowered my panties with great skill<br />and he made me lie down on his bed. Decking my pussy between my two legs<br />he started licking it.I started moaning with pleasure too. He stood up,<br />he parted my legs on both sides, his hard as stone cock with his hand<br />he held me against the walls of my pussy. After rubbing a little on the edges<br />he said he always saw me like this in his dreams. And the head of your dick<br />it stung. Since my pussy was already moistened, he put it in without difficulty. The end<br />he pushed me so far inside. This rooting made me give a big scream. More<br />then he started coming in and coming out. I also want to skip the first angle and enjoy<br />I started. After a lot of pumping:?Shall I throw it in??said. No way<br />I said. He immediately took it out and gave it to my mouth and with a big rustle into my mouth<br />he ejaculated.I had to swallow it all in one fell swoop. Your dick out of my mouth<br />he started to pull it out and rub it on my breasts, and the door opened. Night<br />even half of the time, my brother-in-law, who barely returned home, stood in front of us. All<br />we froze. My brother-in-law said, throwing off his surprise, go on, young people. But<br />i was afraid inside, either to tell my aunt or to tell my family, it’s very difficult<br />i would have stayed in the situation. I’ve had enough of saying that I’ve started wearing my top<br />my brother-in-law came again. Both the instrument and your hand are pulling 31. ?What is that Seher Hanım<br />he said there is no such easy salvation.? He asked me to take my clothes off again. Now<br />i said my aunt would come. Aunt, run to my son, watch your ass-sucking mother through the door<br />said. When he came out, he sat me down on the bed. My bra that I haven’t closed yet<br />he took it out right. He said the goods were also plump. Suck that dick and call it a dick<br />handed it to my mouth. His cock, which is thicker than his son’s, after a while<br />my mouth started not to take it. And he pulled his cock out and fucked me. Almost me<br />he was fucking with his tongue. Then lifting me the dog on the carpet<br />he put it in position. He started crouching behind me and shoving it into my stomach.<br />It gradually accelerated. I was also screaming rhythmically. Myself<br />I said and I collect my ejaculation.He wouldn’t listen to me. Shut up, bitch, he said. Now that<br />she was screaming. He ejaculated convulsively. A warm stream inside me<br />I felt. After he completely emptied it, he went and took out one or two more.<br />He put the cock in my mouth again. Cream from the drawer after enlarging your dick<br />he picked me up and put me in the dog position again. Fingering my ass<br />he creamed it with his fingers. And then he put some on the head of his dick.To me<br />calm down, said the little bitch.Saying it won’t hurt at all, put your dick in my ass hole<br />he held on.He took me by the hips and loaded me at once, When it hurt so much, suddenly<br />i was thrown forward, but my brother-in-law surrounded me so much that he was in the lion’s paw<br />which I was like a gazelle. I was in his hands now, and I couldn’t get away without him wanting to.<br />After thoroughly accustoming my ass hole, he began to make short gits<br />my aunt said her mother was coming. My brother-in-law immediately pulls out his dick<br />he straightened his head. They grabbed me and dragged me into the bathroom. And behind my back<br />my clothes are here. I could barely get up and get dressed. But now<br />I didn’t want to face my brother-in-law. I was already leaving after 2 days.<br />After dinner, I immediately retreated to my room to go to bed. But<br />he couldn’t sleep because of what happened. I just thought about it for a few hours<br />i wonder if my brother-in-law will tell me? Then I was just about to fall asleep that aunt’s son<br />she walked in. Come on, because Dad’s calling. He held me by the arm in bed<br />he brought it to his room. And what do I see, they put my aunt to sleep and robbed her.<br />He started grabbing and robbing me too. Someone robbed me of my clothes, someone<br />the ones under me. Then they undressed themselves. Brother-in-law to your son, you to your mother<br />he said take a look. By the way, my aunt is still a Decently groomed woman of 30 years old.<br />As far as I could see, his goods were also intact. Anyway, my brother-in-law is with me again<br />he came closer and put his dick in my mouth. After licking it until it grows<br />he took it off and started rubbing it on my breasts. At this time, my aunt’s son’s mother<br />he left and snuggled up next to me. My brother-in-law has already left a chest search mail. Dec.<br />I cleaned his semen off my breasts by licking it. In my mouth again<br />gave. He stuck it deep down my throat until he made it bigger. After<br />pulled out. Grab me by the legs and hold me back to the son standing next to my head<br />he asked her to pull it right. Aunt, my son took me by the feet and walked towards himself<br />when I pulled out, my pussy was opened like a plate. My brother-in-law immediately took his dick<br />it started to sting. Meanwhile, the other’s cock is right on my head<br />he was dangling. I lifted my head a little and put it in my mouth. A little more right away<br />he bent down and made me lick it easily. My brother-in-law’s front entrances also accelerated<br />I was already starting to moan about it. My brother-in-law accelerated thoroughly and at the last blow<br />he stuck his cock up to his balls and came inside me trembling. Your Dick<br />when I was taking it out, semen was dripping from my pussy. Then pull out and smoke a cigarette<br />lit. Auntie my son passed under me and shouldered my legs, his cock in my pussy<br />he held it and inserted it without difficulty. Then he started coming in and coming out. Some<br />it was a little light compared to the previous one, but it still gave pleasure<br />as we accelerated, both of our moans were increasing. I’ll cum inside you too<br />said. I also approved. I felt a warm discharge inside me. Then<br />when I was taking his cock out, cum was draining from my gutter gutter. Later the two<br />and they left me and fucked my aunt, who was put to sleep with medication. Face down my aunt<br />they turned him over and put a pillow on his stomach. So her ass is twisted<br />he was in position. My uncle asked for the cream at noon and he creamed my aunt<br />and then he was covered over. The woman’s hips move from shape to movement<br />he was getting into shape. But he was sleeping soundly, unaware of anything.<br />I thought, what’s he going to do on his ass in the morning? Meanwhile, my brother-in-law bidet<br />he ejaculated on her ass. Aunt, my son was playing with his breasts. As well as her<br />he came, they changed places, and he pumped the woman and screamed<br />he ejaculated. Then he told me to go zibar, my brother-in-law put my nightgowns on<br />they threw me, I barely made it to my bed. I slept well until morning. O<br />is today Ankara?and I never went again.


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