The hot girl wants it bad.


Hi. I am Hakan 38 years old. My wife Musharraf is a 34-year-old brunette fish<br />we have a complete disaster 1 child with meat. Despite this, his physique is very pleasant.<br />With the freedom she gives in her ego, my wife is constantly confident in baggy dresses<br />she wears it and loves exhibitionism, albeit a little. Skirts with slits, nylon<br />her stockings and suspenders are the complete set. I even sometimes follow behind on the road<br />when I see it, I think I’ll put it in this ass. She’s so flirty as well as that ass is a<br />if I put it, you know what I mean. It’s been 10 years since we got married for once<br />he didn’t make me do it behind his back. With colleagues for working in the public sector<br />they were also very friendly. He usually has a despotic structure<br />he likes to give orders left and right. At home, he almost has his say, and I<br />i admire him, admire him, do what he says. Although my wife is what<br />even when he says we’ll make love, of course he’s lying to me<br />it doesn’t satisfy at all. We literally haven’t fucked even once. Time<br />the question on my mind is that he starts to come home cheerful from work as he goes by<br />it was enough for his signs to increase. From the seriousness of this time<br />my uncompromising Musharraf has been very cheerful for the last month from work, but at home<br />his indifference to me continued. Didn’t think much, but<br />nevertheless, follow the devil in me, secretly go to the workplace and look for it. so<br />he was poking me.<br />Skirts above the knee that my wife wears shirts with low-cut chest are black or tan<br />as much as the color socks turn me on, I wonder who else is at work<br />it was driving me, it was destroying me not to know these things. My public too<br />although my work in your service makes this follow-up work difficult, it’s still in my head<br />i put it in. Every morning she leaves the house together, first dropping the child off at daycare<br />from there I was dropping my wife off at work and from there I was going to work. Again<br />one morning my wife was beautifully dressed under the knee skirt without panties garter skin<br />she was wearing a cream-colored bady with colored stockings, but the most provocative thing is<br />it is certain that the slit of the skirt was on the front and quite exaggerated<br />it was impossible not to see her panties when she sat down. Short redhead<br />the fact that he was going to go to work with hair like that was driving me crazy. Musharrafi<br />i left it at work, I went to my place of work, the child was sick and in pain<br />i said that he needed to go to the hospital, and I immediately went out to my wife’s place of work<br />I went. I went into the office where he worked, my wife was not there. Where is it to those who are there<br />I asked. They said the chef would be coming soon, 10 minutes later, the chef’s door<br />she opened up and came out with laughter, her socks pulled up<br />he was shocked to see me crumpled up in front of him, he pulled himself together<br />he gave it to me, and I acted as if it was normal.<br />-Oh, you’re here, haa.. what happened, my dear, why did you come,<br />-No, I was busy at the bazaar, I thought I’d stop by and have a cup of tea.<br />- you did well, my dear. He said we sat down and he was talking to me<br />he was straightening up. Meanwhile, the door of the chef opened, a tall handsome Decoy<br />a thousand men came out of the young man, what caught my attention was the swell in front of the man<br />it was, so to speak, hard and upright as the handle cuts even from the outside of the pants<br />I could tell. That’s when how true my suspicions are<br />emerged. The guy is also much younger than me, as it seems on the dick<br />he was big. He came up to us.