Caressing her with my hands and<br />slowly slice around her vagina without saying anything<br />i started to cheat. She was moaning now and I was still on her clit<br />I didn’t get. To run my tongue on the lips of her vagina this time<br />i started, she slowly moves my tongue around and tiny towards her clit<br />i was throwing punches. Emel grabbed my head by my hair and how much I<br />he was neither pushing forward nor pulling back. As if my head should always stay at the same distance<br />she wanted to. She is ashamed to bury the pressure in her vagina, while pushing the pressure back<br />he couldn’t do it because of the pleasure he got. I was feeling it very well, so I<br />i continued to see my name Decently in the same position, but in the meantime<br />i was doing more tongue thrusts towards her clitoris. A little later basimi<br />it was a complete surrender. He wasn’t flexing his legs anymore, thoroughly<br />she opened her legs and there for me to lick her the way I want<br />he was trying to make my job easier. I could have gone a little further now.<br />I was sticking my tongue harder into her vagina and pulling it out. Emel is so beautiful<br />he was moaning, he was right on my penis. Sucking her some more<br />then, just as he came to my kiva, I put two fingers of my right hand into it and<br />licking her clit with my tongue while entering and exiting her vagina with my hand<br />I’ve started. Her vagina has expanded well and come on to me faster, more<br />he was shouting fast. But I’m still at the same slow pace as I know<br />i was satisfying him. A little later, the third finger, and then four fingers<br />I got into. It’s like I’m going crazy now when I’m going back and forth in four fingers<br />had been. While I was gasping for breath (he was not moaning anymore), He was stealing me a<br />things are happening, my feet are starting to fall asleep, I’m gonna love it, it’s delicious<br />well, I’m dying, perfect, I don’t want to die, etc. he says words, but<br />he was shouting these things, he didn’t realize he was shouting, at that moment<br />i realized that I had never experienced such an orgasm until today, and what is it<br />he didn’t know.


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