After putting the hirkayi on and putting the blanket on top<br />after covering it, she started to recover a little and her crying stopped. Of course<br />i asked what was going on, and he said that his wife came home against the clock, drinks and<br />the woman (?) that he smells, that he shouts at her about it, that her husband is also very<br />she said he got angry and beat her up. And when the fight grows<br />(the roughing is a little exaggerated as far as I understand) the man will go<br />he said, and that’s when he said stop behind him, don’t go, and the door closed.Many<br />i told him not to worry, classically, I went and made him a nescafe and<br />i brought it. He was very pleased with this and that I was very kind, with my wife<br />you know that the fact that I’m divorced is because of my wife, because the woman also<br />gecinemedigin never told him. Of course, we did not immediately go into these issues<br />I’m telling you about where we arrived in about an hour. One<br />we also put a lot of drinks in the next coffee to calm your nerves.<br />In later conversations, in fact, he and I are an ideal couple, my<br />he also said that he thought his wife and his wife could be an ideal couple.<br />Because that’s not how our characters sleep. Anyway, more and more these issues<br />we started talking more. By the way, it was about eight o’clock in the morning, and Dec<br />i, on the other hand, call and say that I may arrive late or not arrive at all that day<br />I’ve told. Anyway, we continued the conversation. I know, maybe the entrance part is a little<br />it’s been a long time but I reflect the atmosphere on you and in fact I never had in mind hard sex<br />I’m trying to explain how I got to that point when I wasn’t there. Emel (adi of course<br />Not ambition, but close to that name) in an increasingly heated way<br />while talking about her husband, the topic came to their sex life about him. Goal<br />in fact, she was already going to leave her husband, but sexually, her husband<br />he said it satisfied him very well.


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