The mature woman gave badly.


We were alone with his wife, he came to me, there was a long kiss of my blood<br />i felt him pull away. When I want to put my hands on your body with his hands<br />he stopped me.When the time came, he said. My friend called from inside, okay<br />so. I took his wife by the hand and we headed to the bedroom.He said stop sometime, his wife said Dec<br />Undress here, he said, and keep only your underwear in the hall<br />i undressed.It was like my manhood was going to overflow out of my underwear.He came to me and drank<br />he stroked my puffy ten over my laundry for a long time and said come on, bed<br />we entered his room, My eyes seemed to overflow from their sockets on my friend<br />there were women’s underwear. He was lying face down on the<br />we stopped.His wife was behind me, licking my back, rubbing her body against my back.<br />And he never took off his clothes.She stripped off my panties, stroking my body<br />lying on the bed his wife was stroking my cock behind me come with her hands<br />i was about to. He was sucking on my earlobe, biting me, and he said cum on his hips<br />and his hands quickened. I was flying as if my bones were emptying and<br />i ejaculated on my friend’s hairless buttocks. I could hardly stand up.Woman<br />she smiled, crossed in front of me, leaned her hips in front of me, rubbed, bent inside<br />she took off her underwear and wiped the cum from her husband’s buttocks. I was Confused<br />They were both laughing, kissing, saying this is the beginning. I was flying that<br />the moment is as I wrote. This was the beginning. This story while my friend is by my side<br />I’m writing. His hands are in front of me blistering right now and as he says right now<br />we will continue to share with you what we are going through. That’s it for now