While Semra was lying down, I brought my dick to her mouth and my mouth to her sweet hairless pussy. It was so cute that I really enjoyed licking it. I was experiencing a first again. So I was just enjoying everything, doing it without rushing. I had read porn stories, so I knew how much pleasure it gives to caress the clitoris of girls. So not only was I putting my tongue in her pussy, I was also stroking her clitoris and making it get really thick.<br /><br />OHHH! Very good, you’re great…<br />Those sounds he made when he took a break from sucking off Decently drove me crazy now too:<br /><br />Are you ready?<br />Yes!<br />I wanted to take my dick out of her mouth, take my place between her legs and get into her pussy in a missionary position, looking into her eyes, Decapitating her girlhood. Slowly, before rushing, I rooted her head, then my whole dick in her pussy.<br /><br />OHHHHHHH! Go on!<br />I slowly pulled back and rooted again. Semra, who was really enjoying herself, was almost begging me not to stop. His actions also seduced me, and I continued to accelerate. It felt great to walk back and forth in her warm, juicy pussy. For some reason, there was no blood coming. Knowing this opportunity, I continued to accelerate. His legs started shaking, he was literally screaming fuck me. At the time of my pleasure, Semra had already reached orgasm, although I was not getting out of it. He was pinching me with his legs. I don’t know if he felt pain in exchange for pleasure, but he wanted it and he didn’t want it. She followed her with her second orgasm and released her as if she had stopped breathing, which I could hardly get out of her and ejac Tuesday like a waterfall towards her belly, breasts. Yes, he had his first fuck with me, and we both really enjoyed it at the peak.<br /><br />We probably spent about five minutes just trying to gather our breaths. Our hearts were beating like they were going to break.<br /><br />Still not bleeding, my love?<br />Yes, I wonder why that was.<br />Give me your phone, let’s look at the Internet…<br />How much results could be reached with the information there, but in some cases it can be seen. The blood can clot and flow slowly afterwards. She could also have a flexible ovary. Whatever the reason, I didn’t really care, because it was an amazing experience. I put a kiss on her lips and went to the toilet.<br /><br />Beyza Started To Have Jealousy Crises<br /><br />After the sex we had, Semra and I seemed to have become very attached to each other. We were constantly on the phone, meeting at every opportunity. Beyza, on the other hand, was becoming extremely uncomfortable with this situation. He began to get into jealousy crises and constantly vilified Semra. He didn’t feel comfortable at home, he was constantly interrupting us.<br /><br />We were at our house again. We were all watching a movie together. For some ridiculous reason, my girlfriend and my sister started arguing and raised their voices. I was trying to calm them down, but neither of them was listening to me. Okay, I loved Semra, but I was really annoyed when she called my sister a bitch. Even though I took him to another room to calm him down, he was still screaming and calling. Finally, he took his bag and stormed out of the house. Beyza was sitting in the living room continuing the movie we had opened as if nothing had happened, but I could see how angry she was from the width of her nostrils.<br /><br />Girl, what’s wrong with you? What do you want from Semra!<br />Heh, well done! Don’t defend your brother, defend that little bitch to me! Shame on you, I even set that girl up for you, man…<br />I was trying to calm my nerves, but he was still talking nonsense. Sat next to her.<br /><br />Will you calm down?<br />He was silent, he didn’t want to take it on because I didn’t respond. After a little breathing, I got into the conversation:<br /><br />Are you getting jealous of me?<br />You have to do!<br />Don’t deny it, you know you’re jealous.<br />Velev, which is true, you haven’t seen anything since you started dating a fucking girl. Does a man not ask about the state of his brother? You wouldn’t look at me for a pussy! Here, pussy, I’ve got all you want!<br />She angrily got up from her seat, stripped off the black tights under her, along with her panties, and showed her pussy. This move, which I did not expect from my brother, turned me on in a way that I could not understand. I could feel my dick slowly rising. I took him by the arm and sat him down again beside me.<br /><br />Look, you’re getting ridiculous. Do you realize what you’ve done?<br />She started crying. When I saw the tears streaming from his eyes, my nerves broke down.<br /><br />Why are you crying now, come here!<br />I was holding her head against my chest, stroking her hair. The sight of her exposed buttocks kept lifting my dick. I was literally barely holding myself back from looking there. But she didn’t know how to leave the pussy she showed in front of my eyes. I was officially afraid that I was going to have sex with my brother, but I also wanted to.<br /><br />He looked up at me:<br /><br />Brother, I love you very much, I don’t want to share it with anyone. I realized this when you started dating Semra. I wanted to deny something else, but I couldn’t go beyond deceiving myself.<br />He came very close to my lips and started kissing me. I wasn’t fighting back, but I wanted to, too.<br /><br />Please kiss me…<br />He put his hand on my dick this time. My liseli sister officially wanted to have sex with me. I, on the other hand, could not resist my masculinity, I began to reciprocate. I was stretched out on the couch when I really kissed his lips. I took my hand to her pussy involuntarily and stuck my fingers straight through her slit. My sister who came to pleasure:<br /><br />Fuck me!<br />It was like I was fascinated, I was doing what they said. While I was quickly pulling down my pants, Beyza took off her clothes, tights, panties, whatever she had and threw them away. He was spreading his legs and saying ‘come on, come on fuck me’. My dick was straight up and even entered my sister’s pussy without thinking. It was so warm, soft and narrow that I started to go back and forth. The sadness in my Ohh suffering brother’s eyes had disappeared and something else had taken its place. He was enjoying it very much, it was obvious from every way. And I was just going back and forth in her pussy, jerking off her great tits. Every time I rooted, I started to accompany the sounds he made. The faster I accelerated, the more unstoppable I became. When my brother reached orgasm, I came out of it and ejaculated on the sofa. I almost had to meet my own brother’s pussy with my sperm if I stayed longer!<br /><br />I was holding crossed to the side. Neither of us were talking because this incestuous feeling was weird. It was a very difficult feeling to describe. Both regret and pleasure… The first sound came from my brother:<br /><br />Do you regret it?<br />I Don’t Know… Are You?<br />I guess no.<br />You do realize, it’s not normal between us. It’s just… it’s not normal between us. Dec.<br />Yeah, so don’t tell my parents or, I don’t know, your girlfriend or anything.<br />Don’t be ridiculous, how can you say something like that anyway?<br />Although this was our first sex, it was not the last. The second time I went to him. We skipped school and enjoyed each other all day. Giving it to my brother’s mouth, whom I woke up by kissing, and fucking his warm, tight pussy was taking me away from me. As a result of their insistence, I left Semra. He apologized many times, he wanted to be with me again, but I didn’t accept it just for my brother. It’s been about a month since all this happened, but everything that passed between us is still in my memory Decently, like the first day. Anyway, what’s new, my sister was jealous of my boyfriend, I wrote in this article that I opened with the title. As I said at the beginning, I need your ideas.


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