I am Gülseren, 33 years old, 1.65 tall, 58 kilos, brunette, plump breasted, a<br />I’m a Chick. My teacher. I’ve been through 2 marriages at this age, so it’s been 4 years<br />i’m not getting into serious relationships. First, a Gigolo to satisfy my sexual needs<br />i found it, but he wants too much money, you know, the teacher’s salary is not enough for these jobs :)<br />I also found the remedy at our neighborhood butcher, and my money is not going away, and the man is very<br />he fucks well, and on top of that, he brings me gifts. Well, better than that, apricots in Damascus<br />of course 🙂 Let me go back to the beginning and tell you how it started with the neighborhood butcher. One Day school<br />i’m tired of going out shopping and buying the latest minced meat with bags in my hand in the town<br />I went. Our butcher is a big, dark man in his 40s, tall, tall, like a pehlivan.<br />I’ve always noticed a big dick pushing down the front of your pants. Even the look of a person<br />a strong and sexy person who will make you tremble with fear, a complete Anatolian man, you will understand :)<br />Anyway, the butcher’s apprentice was not there, so we had a casual conversation with our butcher<br />we did while preparing my mince. And then suddenly he said to me, “Isn’t loneliness hard?" said. I<br />and I sighed so much (I was raging from masculinity), the butcher told me that<br />he looked, laughed under a mustache.<br />Then he said to me, “Wait a little, Miss Gülseren, I’m going to close the store, take the bags home<br />I’ll leave it until, don’t get tired!" said. “Okay!I said. Then to our house<br />we walked chatting until… when I bent down to open the door of the house, I looked<br />our butcher makes me touch his dick lightly from behind. At that moment I realized that the guy<br />he broke the intention. Will I miss this opportunity, I’ve come home, "Offering a juice<br />let me, you must be tired!I said. He entered without hesitation. I also have my outfit<br />i went to change, I wore short shorts with straps, and the town is juicing<br />i put it down, took it away, sat down next to the guy. The butcher“ "Mrs. Gülseren, the word<br />no need to stretch, I’ve liked you for a long time, let me be your dog, it’s mine<br />be my mistress!" said. I also explained my conditions, that I didn’t want a permanent job,<br />i just said I’m looking for a guy to fuck me. “Okay!” he said, stuck to my lip.<br />He immediately tried to take off his pants, and I said, “Take it easy, let’s enjoy it!”<br />I said. I bent down, unzipped his zipper, took out his dick. His dick was so big, to tell<br />words are not enough! At first I was afraid, how would this get inside me, then little by little<br />i started kissing your dick. Then I slowly put it in my mouth, only 3 out of 4 entered.<br />I licked it nicely, sucked it, then took his balls in my mouth and sulked, I left it and<br />i started robbing. After I undressed him, I undressed too, from his balls<br />licking her belly, I moved from there to her hairy chest and slowly sat on her dick.<br />It was hard to get them all, but I got them. And the guy started making me jump.<br />His huge dick was hurting me when he was coming in and out of my pussy, also my nipples<br />he was squeezing hard, licking my lips. Then my lips are sweet sweet<br />he started teething. After he fucked me this way for a while and made me orgasm,<br />he took it under and continued to fuck. Then, “I’m going to cum!" by saying your dick out of my pussy<br />he took it off and poured his hot cum on my belly. Get off me and put your cum in my belly<br />he rolled up… his dick hadn’t come down yet. He picked me up, “Have you ever given ass?" said. "Ohoo<br />very much so! My first husband always fucked my ass!I said. He also turned me into a dog<br />he put it in position and started rubbing his big dick up my ass. I can’t stand it and say, "Sok<br />fuck me, motherfucker!” when he said that, he rooted me in the ass at once. What rooting, ruined,<br />he broke me up. And I said to him, “Slow down, you faggot, what a dick you have!” I said, to gaza<br />he came, fucked my ass very hard for 20 minutes and ejaculated in my ass. I feel a pleasant<br />It has happened. Then he turned it straight over, grabbed my throat with one hand and pulled 2 slaps with the other hand, “To<br />you’re calling me a faggot, you fucking bitch!" by saying, holding my hand and my arm very<br />he started licking my pussy hard. After licking my pussy and my legs<br />he was biting. This made me incredibly horny, “Shove it in my pussy one more time, darling!I said.<br />He rooted it right away. Of course, I was flying from pleasure … then Junked 2 more times<br />we went to the bathroom, washed each other nicely. we made a contract for 3 days later, he left. Anymore<br />i regularly fuck myself town. The man gave me a gift when he came last<br />she bought a gold necklace and brought it, I did a lap dance with only the necklace on me<br />my man. I’m so happy these days that I can’t Decipher.<br /><br />Adult stories


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