The test of strength for the young starlet Carter Cruise


My car broke down on my way to Antalya on vacation to a small town<br />they brought it with a tow truck, it was a dilapidated mechanic, would it be repaired very surermi<br />i’ve been bothering the master with questions, if you ask me one more question, I’ll leave the car<br />when i said shut up, I stayed on the bus, I came to my senses when the apprentice said do you drink tea, huh<br />i said yes. Am I in favor of the holiday being a disgrace, am I in favor of my car being bad<br />a baslangicti. there was no one but two apprentices at the age of 13 and 14<br />the old model was cold, there was a jeep with a tarpaulin pulled. The apprentice who brought the tea is named Ali<br />brother, it’s more comfortable inside, you can wait there, and it’s better not to annoy the master<br />he said it would end quickly.<br />I started sitting on a dirty chair and waiting inside me since I was little<br />the rest of my gay feelings bubbled up ali was a short skinny guy with white skin the other<br />cirak ahmet, on the other hand, was slightly taller than him and had a belly. From the city where the gear is broken<br />i sent it by persuading the master who said you need to go and buy it, my goal is to turn<br />it was to flatter myself. Master one; he left after making two calls. So of course<br />master yosa çirakler there is no work, we are sitting idly on some kind of topic<br />i couldn’t get in until I found the magazine on your couch, it was a sex magazine<br />cacuklar blushed, they said don’t tell the master, so if you fuck me on two conditions<br />I wanted to say