After the last look he gave, he turned around and left my room. This scene was really the first for both of us. So I didn’t want to dwell on it too much and take it to different places. And during breakfast, I looked from time to time and tried to guess whether he was giving me that look again. But I was relieved that he didn’t even give me a single look. And during their ten-day vacation, I had never witnessed another side-eye look. Although I was used to comfortable, open clothes because all my four brothers and sisters were girls, I took care of my clothes and my bird just in case, just because I had a brother-in-law. In short, I was younger, but I wasn’t avoiding taking precautions so that the sex story wouldn’t happen. Because I couldn’t trust myself either. I was a blind girl who went to high school for two, who has only ever had two lovers, who has never touched any part of her body. So, to admit that I would be wrong, I was afraid at first.


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