Dear friends, I would like to tell you about an incident that happened to me. First of all, my name is Gaye, I am a 25-year-old lady and it hasn’t been 1 year yet, so I am newly married. Indeed, we have an extremely happy, but at the same time, a marriage that is going tremendously. As I said, it hasn’t even been 1 year since we got married and my wife and I have a very hot, very nice sex life going our way. Especially since the day we got married, we have been making love and having sex like crazy almost every night, one day when I was at home again one evening, my wife said to me, ‘Is there any alcohol in the house, the last time there was some whiskey left, if there is, put it down and let’s drink it’. So I told him okay, and even added that I would immediately set the table for both of us and then we would drink. He went out, bought some appetizers or something from the market, and then he came. When she was out, I immediately set the table and at the same time dressed in incredibly sexy clothes. My wife had a garter fantasy, especially since the day we got married, and I wore a very sexy garter because I knew it very well. As soon as I entered the house, he said, ‘My love, you are wonderful,’ and immediately stuck to my lips. But he wouldn’t let go, I walked away a little and said, ‘My love, let’s drink first and then we’ll already have sex, besides, I’m ready for you, I’m here’.


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