Three Girlfriends Found Rubber Guy And Ride His Elastic Dick


<strong>my wife and I got married a year ago, we have a happy marriage in everything<br />there is.sometimes I felt like I couldn’t fully feed my the workplace<br />i have a wonderful friend named Burcu.he is my sincere friend<br />since it happened, I brought this up to him.also, the sign I’ve always liked<br />a woman.the conversation plunged well into the depths.-while making love to your burcu husband<br />what is that you like the most? burcu-feeling that he wants me in him-okay<br />what else?burcu-he undresses me, kisses me all over, caresses his dick<br />being tough, hurting me a little, trying different things-well, I<br />I’m doing all this, but how am I going to make sure?it’s been a few days since my wife Dec<br />i was always dreaming about the sign when I was wife is in ankara for a few days<br />she was gone.burcu made a phone husband is not at home, there are snatches coming from above<br />so he called me.burcu opened the door.he set up the camera when we entered the hall<br />he was preparing a bottle of wine and two glasses.make yourself comfortable, I’m coming<br />said.ten minutes later, the sign came.a white petticoat breast of silk<br />the ends were apparent.burcu- I’ll test you personally,record the camera<br />in girdionu kneeling and pulled my cock out.i was sucking a bushed dick hard<br />had been cut.after I took off my clothes, he sat on my lap.zodiac sign-<br />come on, suck it up and I stripped the strap to the side with my lips of your sign<br />her tits were in front of me and I was both squeezing and sucking on the ends<br />he had grown large and stout.i took off her petticoat completely, only her panties<br />was left.we lay down on the floor, I took out her panties, I started licking her pussy, burcu<br />the deep groans were making my head ache.burcu-come on now sok sok<br />sok…I slowly inserted my dick into your sign’s pussy.zodiac sign –<br />ooooooohhhhh pulling from the hips I started to beat the burcu burcu-<br />aaaaahhhh uuuuuuu oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’ve never fucked a girl like this<br />I wasn’t enjoying it, I was crushing the burger under me. burcu sweated thoroughly burcu-<br />I’m numb to my toes.more more more like you vise me<br />he was the breasts of the sign<br />i was biting.when I realize that I will cum, burcu -I am protected by cum inside me<br />i accelerated, we were both in a canter, I was completely<br />it was in his horoscope. i burst into your sign.he squeezed me hard<br />he came to his senses and left me.burcu-Decode this tape once in a while<br />you are watching now that the sign is testing me as much as possible from my first lesson<br />i got all right.</strong>