In fact, perhaps it was much better that it happened this way, when I look at it again, it can be said that I really had quite difficult days after I had an argument for that period and left home. Because, as you can imagine, it was really very difficult for me, especially a woman, to come to an unfamiliar place without money in your pocket and make a new life for yourself there. But I’ve believed in one thing all my life, I know that time is the cure for everything, so I’ve been patiently waiting for everything to come and go, which is exactly how it happened. First of all, I got a job here in a way that suits me. After that, I have already worked for many years to build my own life, to be really successful on my own two feet, I have done my best. In fact, perhaps the situation I wanted or dreamed of most in this life was that I had a house that I said would be small, but still mine. That was all I cared about, so I wanted to buy that house by working all my life, as I said, maybe this was my biggest dream.


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