It’s been 7 years since I lost my wife, with myself because of my children’s schools<br />i was never interested, I always thought about them, I ran after them, the two of them<br />and I got married, I’m comfortable now, I started looking at myself, looking around me and<br />i was interested in women I liked, I’m 50 years old, I do all my housework<br />i do it myself, some evenings she wears my wife’s laundry clothes<br />I used to walk around the house like that until the morning. Myself in front of the mirror<br />i used to watch and shoot 31, sometimes my mother comes by to help me Decontaminate the house<br />he would have.<br /><br />He’s cleaning again one day, and on the one hand, let’s find one now and<br />I was told that getting married wouldn’t go on like this. I also have a sofa<br />I was watching TV and talking to him. Sometime<br />my eye caught him, he was mopping the threshold of the hall door. Ah ah young now<br />I thought there must be a maid so I should close it and fuck it. Suddenly my father<br />it’s been 12 years since she passed away, and this woman has been walking on the ceiling without a dick<br />i laughed to myself, then I was ashamed of myself, 68-year-old<br />i laughed to see what the woman’s dick was doing.<br /><br />And then, valla, how happy he would be if I spent it on this, how much he missed it<br />i was so excited when I thought about his cock, over my sweatpants<br />i started stroking my cock, suddenly I really wanted to, oh<br />come on, if you’re not busy, find a solution. i keep thinking that I found<br />I didn’t like any of the roads. he could even go down into the woman’s heart. and<br />he’s dreaming, he’s trying to make plans, and he’s walking around behind her<br />i was watching, 160 cm tall, 45 kilos, he had a neat body, at the time<br />who knows what hurt them.<br /><br />If I had the chance…after finishing the cleaning job, I would go to the bathroom in a sweat<br />entered. I tried to go one after the other and watch from the hole, if I had the chance<br />already. I looked through the hole, I saw the world, but only the right shoulder and<br />I could see a little of his back. Still, look a little and dream a little<br />I continued to caress myself with it. If I had a little courage, I would go in<br />i used to watch him under the pretext of cutting his back, but where…<br /><br />When I realized I couldn’t see much, I went to my room and jerked off<br />I started, but I couldn’t relax because my mind was in the bathroom. O<br />next, when the sound of the bathroom door was heard, I looked through the room door, my mother was big<br />he was going to his room wrapped in a towel. Suddenly he was hurrying to the kitchen<br />as I was passing by, I stumbled and picked up the towel as I fell. To what<br />he was surprised that he stopped by and froze, and immediately slightly hairy with his hands,<br />she tried to cover her pussy, which was filled with white hairs. 40 apologies<br />I willingly gave the towel and turned around and left.<br /><br />She ran to her room, what should I do and do and fuck her. I got dressed and<br />i’m leaving, I called out that I won’t come in the evening, opened the street door and quickly<br />I turned it off and went straight to my room and hid. Lying on my bed and hearing the sounds of the house<br />I started listening. I fell asleep. It was past 2 a.m. when I woke up. Sound<br />I got up from the sticker and stood at the door and listened outside. TV sound<br />he wasn’t coming, so he went to bed. I softly opened the door and went out, into the hall<br />I went and checked to see if he was sleeping there, he wasn’t. Go to his room and open the door a lot<br />I opened it slowly and went in.<br /><br />Put on a snow hood…and approach her bed in the light of the night lamp and tell her<br />I’ve watched. Slipped over the pike, legs revealed up to the knees<br />came out. If there were a movie now, it would be open to the waist.<br />I went back to my room and put on a black sweater and a snow hood on my head<br />I put it on and went back to my mother’s room. i went to bed and from the end of the pike<br />I grabbed it and pulled it up. She’s lying on her side with her hips on her side, in her nightgown<br />stripped down to her panties, oh man, finally my luck laughed, for a while<br />i watched her hips and legs, the effects of years were visible,<br />his legs, which had never seen the face of the sun, were like milk.


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