I am a young man who is known and loved by his environment. Most of my body measurements<br />i am someone who is very much admired by young girls, but I am older than myself mature<br />i like women. They know their jobs well and are in bed<br />they don’t mumble like girls because they don’t know borders. I’ll Tell You<br />the whole story is real and in no way taken from somewhere or imagined<br />it is not a product. The incident happened at night in early winter, that is, in December 2001<br />it has started and is still ongoing.<br /><br />Since my brother was a truck driver, he was constantly driving long roads. Then<br />because I studied in high school, I was able to study and my sister-in-law was the only one<br />I started staying with them so I wouldn’t quit. Thinking about my sister-in-law before<br />31 i was attracted to him, but he had no idea of making love to him in any way<br />in my brain. One evening, we were alone with my aunt again, watching TV. The Two Of Us<br />we were sitting on the floor and my sister-in-law was leaning her head on my lap to watch<br />started. I was playing with her hair. Me before my aunt<br />he holds my dick by making a lot of hand jokes and says it’s too grown up or something like that<br />it would turn him on. This time, with his head on my dick, he started stroking it with his hand and<br />naturally, my dick started to lift slightly.<br /><br />Then my sister-in-law began to accelerate the movements of her hand more and grew<br />he said you’re a man. At that time, I put my hand down her hair<br />he slides it through his singlet, first to his waist, and then to where his panties are<br />i landed. My heart leapt. My sister-in-law and my hand<br />both of them were speeding up as if they were moving together.<br /><br />Blazing hot…the faster my sister-in-law caresses the deeper<br />i started to enter and put my hand under her panties and lay slightly on her side<br />i got to her asshole before it happened, and then to her burning pussy. Right<br />i put the middle finger of my hand on her pussy and started inserting and removing it. That moment<br />my sister-in-law’s breathing accelerated and it was as if she would tear my dick off<br />he began to squeeze. And when I speed up my movements, my sister-in-law trembles<br />he started, and the already narrow pussy began to squeeze my hand more and more. I<br />I hadn’t ejaculated yet and I didn’t want to ejaculate like this. Because the event<br />i was sure I was going to fuck him in the end.<br /><br />After he came to his senses, we sat next to each other on the seats upstairs and<br />he asked if you regret it. I said no, because we both wanted it and it happened<br />answer. Then I lay down next to her and put my hand on her pussy. Some<br />after playing, she began to moan again, and I, starting from her breasts<br />I’m starting to go down on me. Pulling her panties to the side and licking her pussy<br />i wanted to, but he said no, thinking I would fuck him.<br /><br />He said I should have asked for it first and he said not now. At that time<br />there was a car outside and my brother honked the horn. Sister-in-law, look at your brother<br />he said he had already arrived and I was still in shock. My brother was going to stay at home that night<br />i was going to sleep in the TV room. Then my brother is tired and he’s going to bed<br />He said. My sister-in-law prepared my brother’s bed, put him to bed and came back to me<br />He came.<br /><br />Then we started kissing again. While my sister-in-law is preparing my brother’s bed, I<br />I’ve already opened the sofa bed I’m going to sleep on and made it for two. I<br />i put my sister-in-law to bed and started to undress her clothes this time and<br />I started grabbing her soaked cunt from under her skirt. This is both<br />he liked it very much, as well as I did. The bed is not enough for us<br />we had landed.<br /><br />I didn’t want it to end at all…Meanwhile, my sister-in-law keyed the room door<br />he locked it and came back to me on the floor. While I’m lying on my back on the floor<br />my sister-in-law started playing with my dick. I never wanted this moment to end and<br />when my sister-in-law takes off all her clothes, I really<br />there was an image that was very difficult to bear. My sister-in-law sweatpants<br />get off my legs and face facing me on my dick<br />he began to sit up.


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