hello i am emre i am 18 years old one day when I come back from school no one is at home<br />because it wasn’t, I went to the cousins, and there was no one there but my cousin, and<br />he was 3 years older than me, anyway, he asked me if you were hungry, and I said yes<br />i said she headed towards the kitchen to prepare dinner and i am very badly horny<br />i stayed.my cousin was wearing a skirt, I was at the stove in the direction of the kitchen<br />when he moved forward I was looking from under the hemmed skirt and what caught me<br />he said you’re doing it, and I said nothing, and he said are you looking at me<br />he said I blushed and said yes, of course, at that moment the phone rang and<br />my mom was calling when i opened the phone, she said what are you doing, i said i’m going to eat<br />he said he would come in 2 hours later, so I said ok, my cousin went to his room and went to bed<br />he was lying in bed waiting for me, he called me from the room while I was going to the kitchen, sir<br />i was soke without having to say, take out your master and come to me, so I said<br />i followed what he said and I got in, his body was warm, we started kissing and<br />i threw the bad shit at our master, i started licking her pussy<br />he was drilling, he was screaming faster, I’m licking my cock<br />since i started i squirted in your mouth ohhh i heard something outside and i and<br />the room was empty, the other side of the business, my eyes didn’t see anything<br />i started licking from her legs to her pussy and my dick on her pussy slowly<br />i was moving slowly ohhh ohhhhh he was screaming and finally put me in<br />come on, she said that and I put the last gas in her pussy when I fucked for a minute or two<br />her pussy was grabbing my dick and blood started flowing i na she’s mine now<br />i said, the room said ok to me with surprise, and I’m in her mouth after that<br />i moved the wedge, saxo was pulling, I couldn’t get rid of my horny<br />finally, I emptied it into her mouth and she swallowed it, it was a little late, every<br />the moment my mother could have come and I entered the bathroom, took a shower and the room was behind me<br />she came in, she was very nice, now I was fucking her very badly when I met her at home alone


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