I’ve told you before that my wife’s brother forcibly touched me, but this<br />not only did he touch it once.<br /><br />Every day he touches my thighs and breasts at every opportunity<br />he was squeezing Decently, I was weak between his hands, I like it inside<br />whether they weren’t true I wasn’t always so letting it run.<br /><br />One evening, while I was waiting for my husband, who had prepared the table, there was a knock on the door and I opened it<br />there was my husband’s brother in front of me, I asked my husband, grinning dirty tonight<br />he sent me to say that he was working overtime so that you wouldn’t be afraid.I need<br />if I said no, he came in, oo, he sat down at the table because he was ready, and we ate<br />i was saying I’ll stay by myself, so go now, help me while I pack the table<br />he made me say it in the kitchen under the pretext of rubbing it when I said don’t do it<br />then he started squeezing my hands, holding his dick behind my back and<br />he started kissing my neck, smelling it, it was too strong when I said don’t do it, and his dick<br />he was so hard, I’m crying on the one hand, writhing on the other to get out<br />i was working, but I started swearing in vain, you fucking brother<br />how can you do this to your wife the harder you say son of a bitch<br />he was acting, he put me down on the couch and put my hands on my head<br />he held me together, caressing my breasts with his other hand, stripping off my skirt<br />he was tugging on me, I couldn’t even scream if the neighbor’s arm came<br />it would be nice if they saw my husband’s brother.<br /><br />Tell me to be quiet, that this will happen whether I want it or not, my dear<br />if I don’t want it to burn, he told me to do whatever he said, and I’m desperate<br />i did.<br /><br />He ripped my clothes off and licked my breasts to caress<br />it started, I was crying on the one hand, and on the other, involuntarily, from the inside out<br />i was moaning my breasts are 90 and my white skin has become hard as i suck my breasts<br />he sucked until he bruised the ends, stroked the pressing skirt under me, and took it off<br />and he stripped off my weight like clean milk when he saw my pussy inside his eyes<br />she flashed my legs apart and started licking, biting, moaning like crazy<br />and I was wet.<br /><br />When I started moaning that that was enough, he laughed and stop, we’ve just started<br />he said and slid his tongue down my ass hole it’s a very strange Jun<br />he was making me live, I was crazy, I was pressing his Decapitation between my legs<br />he licked my ass hole and started thrusting his tongue into my ass ever<br />i haven’t been fucked but my asshole is gaping and his tongue is inside<br />i could feel him dipping, he got up and took off his pants<br />he took it off and took out his dick, which forced his weight, I couldn’t believe my eyes<br />it was almost twice as big as my husband’s, my husband’s is thick, but 16 centimeters<br />while it didn’t pass, it was both thick and at least 22 inches, I wouldn’t never<br />no, your very big brother understands if you fuck me, I said my pussy will expand<br />when I was trying to recover, he started rubbing my mouth on my face so that nothing would happen<br />as I rubbed, I couldn’t help myself, the veins of the instrument that was getting bigger and bigger to come out<br />it started, I couldn’t resist, I grabbed him, stroked his balls.<br /><br />I grabbed your cock and stroked it from head to toe, veins like steel<br />it was like a statue that came out, I couldn’t stand it in my hand, I started licking my tongue that<br />he’s running through the veins sucking his balls Decapitating between my lips<br />i was picking up my teeth when he threw his head back and said suck emm bitch<br />i was trying to hurt you, but in vain I put more than half in my mouth<br />before I could get it, he was forcing it down my throat, literally fucking me in my mouth.<br /><br />Then he laid me down on the coffee table and rubbed his huge dick on my pussy<br />it started to go away, I was writhing like a crazy snake in the slit of my pussy<br />she rubs her cock’s head officially opened like a flower to be fucked<br />she was waiting for my pussy, my moans increased when she rubbed her tall cock on my pussy<br />i was going crazy, he pushed his head inside me, I thought my eyes were going to pop out<br />at the moment he buried inside me that big dick literally veins in the walls of my pussy<br />i felt like I was going to die when his head hit me in the deepest part for a moment<br /><br />I wrapped my legs around her waist and pulled her tight to me until the end<br />i felt that big cock and I let it slide inside me fast fast<br />he was driving me crazy coming in and out, but maybe we went back and forth 5-6 times<br />then he took it off and ejaculated on me, I was surprised, he recovered and quickly came out<br />gone.<br /><br />he didn’t know how to use that big imposing cock, as far as I understand<br />i laughed, i washed, i washed, but I didn’t feel like I was cleaned<br />i taught myself how to use that big cock later on my husband’s<br />i’ll tell your brother about it next time


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