Hello, I have been following this site for a long time, I have a moment<br />anyway, I wanted to poll, let’s get to the point without further ado, family<br />our relationship is very good anyway, one day I made love to my girlfriend after<br />i went into the shower and came out with only a bathrobe on me and sat on the sofa in the hall<br />i Decked out and sat my sister buse right between my feet and massaged me<br />he said would you do it<br />of course, I started massaging his shoulders and slowly<br />i was touching her breasts from her armpits and at this time my brother buse<br />he never made a sound, just said it was very good and moaned, but these are from the massage<br />it was because of that, after a while I lay down on the couch and started watching TV<br />and my brother sat right in front of me and I can’t quite see<br />he said okay and suddenly the room lay down on the couch<br />but I wasn’t comfortable myself, my brother’s hips dislocated one or two<br />it was inches away and I couldn’t get comfortable and buse realized it and<br />relax, deryp comforted me and I freed myself and thisenin<br />i started rubbing her buttocks and stroking her buttocks with one hand, which<br />it’s okay, when you said we’re brothers, everything took its old form, my hand and<br />i had withdrawn myself<br />but after a second or two, it was time for us to go to bed, and buse gave me a good<br />he stood up with his hips up and my mind was on his hips<br />anyway, after an hour or two, I was already in his room<br />i was stroking her hips from under her little pussy and slowly<br />he stripped off his shirt and started kissing those needy breasts with little kisses<br />while kissing the edges of her pussy, she suddenly turned on her face and I turned on her back<br />i started to go down again kissing and holding one of my hands from below<br />i put it on her pussy and started stroking it<br />i heard a voice that said enough is enough, and when I straightened up, busede woke up now<br />sok was saying I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said okay, and a<br />while I was stroking her cunt with my hand, I was practicing her asshole with the other hand and<br />i was running my cock around her asshole and making her horny more and more and<br />after finally getting used to it well, I put my head down and loaded and<br />he finally got his head in<br />which he tried to push me with one hand, but it was in vain, and slowly into<br />when I started not to enter, her moans were increasing with one hand on her hip<br />while stroking, I was stroking her cunt in my other hand and pushing her inside with my fingers<br />and because her moans were getting louder and louder, I covered her mouth with my hand and put her on the bottom<br />i stuck it up at once and waited for a minute or two, and then<br />then slowly as I started to go and come, the door opened


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