Whoa, dude, what are you doing<br />Doing…<br />Okay, okay, calm down, you already look very good, I’m glad, frankly<br />My brother left what he had in the hall without giving it any change and gave evasive glances at my dick, which was slowly starting to deflate. Because he, like Semra, was seeing my dick for the first time. When I noticed the sperm smeared around:<br /><br />Clean them up, but there’s cum everywhere!<br />Beyza went to the kitchen, brought a napkin or something and squeezed my hand. Semra was already dressed while I was cleaning the cum around. After cleaning my sperm, I got dressed and went to the sink to wash my hands. Although I’m telling it like this now, I was slightly shocked by what happened. I never expected things to develop so quickly. On the one hand, I was angry with myself that my first fuck was so sloppy.


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