i’ve written this a lot, it’s never been published, I’m writing it again, it’s been 6 years since my father died<br />my sister, my mother, we are living, my mother was a little uncomfortable. very poor<br />we are family.we have two cows, we used to live by selling her milk. my sister is 42<br />single at his age, he never got married, there were a lot of people who wanted to, but then he didn’t want to<br />if he wanted, he wanted those who were elderly or widowed children. he didn’t go either, he’s my sister<br />she was a little lady about 1.55 tall, her hips were small, her breasts were a little big, so<br />she was a minyop-type lady.<br /><br />and I couldn’t get married at the age of 36 because we didn’t have money. but to do to my sister<br />i had no intention. i’m a 1.85 size dick, 19 inches a little thick, hairy<br />I’m one.anyway, I used to fuck our ass every day, while I was fucking on that day<br />my sister came in, that’s when she saw me.he came out immediately, but very<br />I am ashamed.anyway, I went home to eat, I couldn’t even look at his face, he understood<br /><br />mom said let’s take a look at the animals with us, let’s go for a walk with mom<br />he said okay to my mother, don’t stay up late, he said I’ll go to bed, okay, he said my sister daga<br />as soon as I got out, I apologized to the room, brother, don’t do this to me, the disease<br />he told us what to do next.you know the situation too, I should have relaxed<br />I said so.looked at me a lot of time<br /><br />he said to continue, so I said I would.let me tell you something between us Dec<br />he said he would stay, so I said okay.if anyone wants me from now on, I won’t go<br />he said if you want, we’ll both try.i couldn’t believe i would fuck my sister<br />i said no, but he said if it gets out, we’ll both be embarrassed.to kiss immediately<br />i started from my sister’s lips<br /><br />he also responded immediately, zataen.when I put my pants down, this is so<br />he said it’s big, he said I need to get used to it, my mother will go to my uncle in 10 days then<br />he said I’d try, so would i, but I said you know my dick, and he said to suck it right away<br />he started, but he was taking his head in his mouth, anyway, when he came, I ejaculated on his tits<br />from now on, my sisters will kiss every day until my mother leaves, don’t go on a date<br />why hayet don’t you fight us when my mom is leaving i’m 15<br />he said I would stay for the day, we said we would have that.when I get out of sight, my sister<br />he said lock the door, go into your room, get ready, and I got undressed right away.within<br />she came in a white nightgown that looked like a wedding dress, it was obvious everywhere<br />I was completely undressed.he came and locked the room door and turned to me, look at this<br />i’ve been a big sister until now, after that, when I’m alone, there’s no big sister, husband and wife relationship<br />there is you, I’m a wife, I’m a husband, or I’m going to call my love, there is no big sister<br />he said okay, I said okay.i immediately started sucking on her lips already.in ustunu<br />when I came out, I saw my sister’s pussy for the first time, she had a clean pussy.i was white<br />i couldn’t believe I was making love in the same bed as my sisters, kissing .me at that moment<br />she said that she was a girl and I would spoil her first deva.from your lips<br />i started slowly licking her neck tits pussy moaning thoroughly<br />it was increased, my dear sister.<br /><br />this event should be experienced inexpressibly.he told me to lie down, I’m under my tits<br />he even got down by licking my armpit, I can’t tell my dick much, but my dick<br />he even licked my hairy legs and even my ass. i was going to cum come on<br />when he said no more, he immediately lay down under me while I was slowly inserting my dick suddenly<br />when he stuck it all the way to the bottom, he threw out such a cigarette that his voice is still in my ear.<br />i often stayed on the bed covered in blood, i was afraid, when he came out, he got angry at me, until he came<br />she said go on, i ejaculated in 2 minutes, we kissed a little on the pussy and went to the bathroom<br />we got cleaned up, but he was still bleeding, and we fucked once in the bathroom.leaning<br />i lit a cigarette, i said do you regret the room, I wish we hadn’t waited it was night<br />he said if we had tried first, that night I fucked him, my wife, twice in the daga ass<br />i tried, but when tears came to your eyes, I couldn’t stand it, I’d get out


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