I was staying in Eskişehir, the hub of the university, with my family<br />i was still a freshman, but because I’ve been there for years, everyone<br />i knew I had a friend who had a lot of houses, they had more than my own house<br />i was staying, my head was getting more comfortable with them, not at all<br />i felt like I wouldn’t grow old, it’s nice to chat until the morning<br />we were having days, I had a lot of girlfriends, I was a local<br />after all, everyone had a job for me, that’s why it was necessary to end the friendship<br />nobody wanted to. When my friends leave, entrust their homes to me<br />they were doing it, so I was checking in from time to time and staying some nights, girl Dec<br />when my friend said that he would not go to his hometown, I thought of a thousand<br />well, it was past we knew we could have a nice vacation with her at that house for a while, girl<br />after talking about this with my friend, we had enough of ourselves<br />we took things and went home, we made the closet full. My girlfriend too<br />he was drinking alcohol like me, our conversation was twice as good<br />we were passing out as we looked at each other, my girlfriend’s family<br />a tribe in the east, they are quite rich, they never make me pay any bills. what<br />if necessary, he would do it himself, besides, we never had any money problems. We<br />we started making love with this, kissing each other like crazy, we both<br />we had come to a consistency, but at that time the phone rang and his brother called me<br />he told me to go to the kitchen, so I said okay and went out with his brother for a while<br />after talking, he came to me in the kitchen and started there with my lips<br />after kissing for a while, we found ourselves in our Hasans’ room<br />after some fucking there, we headed towards Ramadan’s room<br />i had my dick in my lap and we were fucking on foot it was so beautiful<br />as soon as I entered Ramadan’s room, he bent down in front of me and started saying fuck me in the ass<br />after i fucked her in the ass for a while, I had a friend i loved very much, ali<br />so we went into his room and started making love in the bed very soon<br />he started sucking my dick by getting under the covers and I was dying of pleasure<br />i was squeezing the quilt with my hand I could hardly hold myself not to cum<br />i grabbed him by the chin and said come here and made him sit on my dick again<br />she was bouncing on me so beautifully that I was passing out her tits<br />as I was shaking, I couldn’t hold it and I was already starting to cum inside myself.


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