i am a normal-bodied man, 1.90 tall.too much sex alone<br />i have a fondness .that’s why my wife and I often quarrel.Anyway to my story<br />I’m at night.We went on a picnic as a family in Kilyos last Sunday.the weather is quite<br />it was hot.we told our food, our barbecue meat came, I meat<br />while we were cooking, a group came to the table next to us, two women and two men<br />lonely women were definitely the lovers of men .one of the women<br />there was (I learned his name later, jale) a disaster.ben brazier<br />I was studying that group carefully while I was doing it.two stupid men eat their food<br />after eating, they started playing backgammon, of course, the girls got bored<br />started.after a while, the girls swing on the swing next to us<br />they started, and my luck was born here.swinging disaster la<br />we started looking.my wife was like moments, but I was holding the job tight<br />:).the stares continued for a while.<br />jale left the picnic area after a while to take a walk, but a look<br />it was like he was saying come fuck me.so I started following him.later<br />i caught this after I walked away from the picnic area.hello it was<br />I said it’s not good for a beautiful lady like her to be walking around here.what is that<br />he may have said that I have (dare this or that) they will pull to a secluded place after<br />i said they’d fuck you.he was surprised for a moment, and then where .he said, I said, this is my positive<br />work OK .if you have such a need, we will bring you to the heights of pleasure<br />I said I could take it off.the woman had a stick on my lips, don’t ask<br />it.i took this inside a little bit more and put the bad on it at once<br />i pulled it down.i started licking her breasts over her purple bra.more<br />then I pulled her jeans down and licked her pussy from her thong<br />I started.he was mumbling about being my man.in an instant I took this down<br />and I put my dick in her mouth, god, what a blowjob, as if she was a sex deity<br />i was facing it.we took the 69 position and started licking each other<br />but we didn’t have much time.while I’m licking this ass lightly<br />i was fingering it.my goal was to get straight up your ass without fucking you.you’re in a rush<br />I think he did, he said.i don’t have time to fuck you in your gorgeous ass<br />I said I wanted it, the room said okay, but he said I would like more later.i have the arrow<br />I said.1 in the ass. i stuck my finger in 2.then I looked, got used to it, and then my dick<br />i started to sting, his head entered a little, pulled a slight ah, I waited<br />.after getting used to it, I stuck half of my dick in, but there is a 10 cm outside<br />was left.(by the way, my dick is probably 20 cm from my height). Dec.A little more<br />after practicing, he put the back in at once, but he let out a scream<br />do not ask.<br />I was scared when they said they would come.after this bitch gets used to commuting<br />i started to fuck slowly while holding their fights with one hand<br />I started.by the way, it turns out that I felt something behind me when the bitch screamed Decently<br />her boyfriend heard about it.i’m freaking out, but the guy seems to say go on<br />he shook his head.then he came forward, jaleye bitch, you didn’t stand there comfortably<br />what am I not suffering from you dedi.ve he put his dick in her mouth.banada dick<br />my coach was telling me to fuck this bitch up.i have an acceleration<br />do not ask.he must have been getting older from the woman’s word because the man was crying<br />don’t look, sikkkkkk was saying this bitch. i took it out of your ass when I was about to cum<br />i saved your mouth from your boyfriend, don’t ask for an ejaculation.jalenin<br />from his mouth, sperm was falling to the ground.i immediately recovered, you know, chick<br />he waits :).i gave them my cell phone


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