Yes, I’m a college girl, but<br />i’m dating a liseli man 3 years younger than me. So<br />he is so handsome that I’m sure even if you see him, girls are seduced<br />you will leave. Muscular, cute face, beautifully dressed and above all<br />most importantly, someone with a big dick and a good fuck… my virginity for a while<br />there were big question marks in my mind about whether I could give and<br />to be honest, I wasn’t very keen. Liseli is making love with my darling,<br />we were rubbing and having anal intercourse. Every time I eat from the ass<br />although it was a separate pain, I wasn’t holding my pussy.<br />He was just licking me every now and then and making me orgasm Decently. Anyway, the schools<br />one day when it was a semester, my parents went on vacation, and I also<br />i called him home. To play around again after drinking some alcohol<br />we started. I don’t know if I should say drunk courage or what, that’s it<br />on the day I was filled with the desire to give away my virginity. Slower than himself<br />i asked her to be, spread my legs and oral as usual<br />I wanted to do. If my pussy softens so that I don’t suffer… Darling<br />a drunk gives a very good blowjob, puts his tongue so deep that every<br />instead, he spits and sulks… and I start his foreplay and<br />it’s almost like he made me taste his oral pleasure all over except my ass<br />I love how.<br /><br />Here’s the stone already after sucking a little<br />he didn’t even let me give a blowjob to his dick, which looked like it. Softly my legs<br />he opened it and put his dick inside my pussy and gently come and go<br />he started doing it. This was the first cock I took in my pussy and<br />it was burning, my pussy had become warm, but as it went further, I enjoyed<br />I was experiencing the pain at the same time. After a while, it accelerated.<br />I couldn’t hold back my screams anymore and I was screaming. His hand and<br />he didn’t have his fingers in my mouth, he took me in his arms and quickly<br />he started fucking. I saw the blood on the tip of his dick but he intends to stop<br />did not have. It was like he was horny and his libido was on the rise. Over<br />on top of that, he ejaculated inside me. I’m glad that maybe we’ll make love that day<br />i hid my pills on the side, or else my liseli lover is horny<br />in that first sexual intercourse, where I gave my virginity because of his attitude<br />i was going to get pregnant… We are still together and after being together<br />to make our sexual life even more colorful with fetishes and fantasies<br />started.


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