I had just finished school and started working as a manager in a big grocery store.<br />Works with employees working in the market by giving orders without a hundred eyes<br />i was running it. In this case, some employees, especially women<br />I made quite an impression on the guys. In one of these elements<br />the cashier was Derya. When Derya came to my room, she was extremely serious<br />I was kind of looking into his eyes and talking. Time<br />i was impressed and that he had an extreme interest in me<br />i did. To make it very clear that you like me<br />he had started, but at the first movement he expected it to come from me. A day job<br />we met in the kitchen of his place, there was no one but the two of us. She was drinking tea<br />and I asked him to fill me a cup of tea. She filled the tea and while giving her hands<br />he was touching my hands, and he had no intention of pulling, while eye to eye<br />we were looking. That you can’t take it anymore and you want to be with me<br />He said. I stood up in response and kissed her on the lips<br />i started, after kissing for a long time, to wait for me after work<br />I’ve told.<br />After the market closed that day, I took Derya by car a little ahead.<br />I walked around a little and pulled the car into a secluded place.Kissing slowly<br />we started and moved to the back, tilting the back seat.To get on top and kiss<br />we started, during which I stripped off her skirt and played with her legs<br />I started.I pulled down her panties from behind and started licking her peach.<br />He comes to pleasure as I lick between his legs and hold my head Decently to his peach<br />he was pushing. After her peach, she goes up to her breasts and squeezes them<br />i was licking her breasts, too. Now that we were both naked and you weren’t a virgin<br />even though he says it’s time for me to get into it, I’m taking it slow<br />I was kissing her place and I wanted Derya to go crazy more. Long<br />after kissing, I slowly got into it.I was in it now ,slowly at first<br />I was going back and forth ,after a certain time I accelerated. We were so fast<br />he started ricocheting in the car. Now Derya has reached the extremes of orgasm and<br />her screams began to rise.After a while, I couldn’t stand it and Derya<br />i ejaculated into it.I lay on it like that for about 5 minutes.<br />Then we started making love again. This time he was taking mine in his mouth, he<br />he was licking it so well that it made it clear that he was a master at this.<br />After licking it a little more, I went behind it. But she is afraid of anal sex<br />he was saying it would hurt. Saying that this is easy in the torpedo<br />i took the duran cream and rubbed some into his back hole and some into my dick.<br />After I had thoroughly dosed it, I made a move to enter at once.<br />It became clear from his shouting that he was in a lot of pain, but I decided to give up<br />i had no intention, and it just happened.I was coming and going quickly, now the room is used to it<br />he was beginning to enjoy it. As our bodies hit each other, screech screech<br />there were noises coming out. After about five minutes of commuting like that<br />we both reached the climax of orgasm almost at the same time, and on the sofa<br />we lay down and stayed.We spent so much energy that all the windows<br />it was fogged up. We were always together after that.Especially work<br />i was calling time to my room and because I wasn’t wearing panties, I immediately took off her skirt<br />I was stripping it off and sitting it on my lap. It’s not just work time, it’s after work<br />he comes back to the store, goes to my room and we made love until the morning.<br />We even made love once in the store between the aisles Decked out


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