Hello<br /><br />I am Yusuf, I am 26 years old, I am a wrestler, I will tell you about the incident in Ankara<br />passed.<br /><br />it was 2 years ago that I was wrestling in the metropolitan club.Of course, anthramans are very<br />it goes through a tight tiring .ladies usually watch our anthrams<br />he comes to watch .I’m looking at those who watch fitness work again one day<br />he tripped.When I saw a hijab lady, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, it was very nice<br />she was a lady, a petite woman with round hips with green eyes and white skin<br />the clothes he was wearing made me very horny.I saw you staring at me and<br />i responded, he smiled at me with my gaze and signaled to come outside<br />made.I immediately interrupted the anthem, immediately leaving the dressing room<br />i took his way, he came to me walking down the hall, can I trust you, can I trust you<br />said.Of course, I said that she wanted me very much, but that she was afraid of her husband<br />He said.He grabbed her through the dressing room door and immediately put her against the wall<br />i lifted up her skirt and stuck my 21-year-old cobra through her panties, her lips<br />I was licking her neck, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them like pieces.Room iiih<br />iih was suffering from moans.It felt like my balls were going to explode from fullness right away<br />i emptied into her warm well … I’m not satisfied with her yet, I immediately undressed her<br />i put it under the shower .We were both naked now.I end the lineage<br />I opened up and kissed him on the lips, we were not kissing each other, we were eating.I<br />i’m sucking his ears, his neck, the room was responding like hungry wolves<br />.I was licking her nipples and trying to take it all in my mouth<br />i was licking her belly and inhaling her legs apart and her peach<br />i was sucking so much that I’ve licked many pussies before, but I’ve never enjoyed it so much<br />I didn’t take.my pussy was hot, come on, my husband, come on, my strong man, finish it<br />he was calling me and I stood up and grabbed his hair and put my cock in his mouth<br />i gave it to him, he licked it like a suction cup, and by the way, I never do these things with my husband<br />he was saying. And I grabbed her by the waist and took her in my arms and pressed my cock into her pussy<br />it was very nice with the water, I grabbed him by the waist and jumped him many times<br />on top of my dick .Come on to me while he jerks off and starts to cum together<br />she begged and I poured my hot water into her warm well that’s okay<br />he said, but my intention was to fuck those round hips.Not for me there<br />many sins do not happen from there .I convinced him, and after a little domaling<br />i started to release it into the copra slowly, with great difficulty, he took his head Tue me<br />he said it was okay to take it off, but I found such a buttock full of it<br />without fucking bırakırmıydım.ve i ripped your ass open in a snap like crazy<br />i was doing it, I was shaking my ass, I was shaking my ass<br />into the depths .When I took my cock out, blood was flowing from his ass<br />after we stopped, he gave me the phone and repeatedly in various venues<br />we made love .


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