On the upper floor of the apartment where we live, a lady called shukurye<br />there was.Aunt Şükürye used to come and go to us a lot: she had a daughter named Gülşen<br />and they were married for 2 years, her husband was drinking and beating her, the room couldn’t stand it and<br />she filed for divorce and divorced.Gülşen: Wheat with black hair and black eyes<br />he was a tall man with a fair complexion for his weight, very big hips and breasts<br />he was liked by everyone because of this feature, of course, I<br />I loved the way.One day my parents were not at home, I was home alone and<br />I was thinking about Gülşen and masturbating just then the doorbell rang<br />it was stolen, it came to the door, I looked through the hole, I looked, at that moment my heart<br />it seemed like it was going to stop, I immediately made a plan and opened the door for me, my parents are at home<br />he asked, I said yes, he came in, I knocked down the door, your parents<br />he said where was it, I said in the bedroom, he hesitated, and then the bed<br />he headed towards his room, and I was just trying to get my dick out there<br />when he entered the room and couldn’t see anyone, he called me a liar and I told him you<br />i like it very much, I told you I was sick, we came to my room, to my bedroom<br />do your job, but a little quickly, I immediately took off his clothes and<br />the woman of my dreams was in front of me, I started sucking her tits in the room Decently<br />she was stroking my dick then sucking her tits then i started sucking her cunt<br />and then his hips and he couldn’t stand it anymore and he was telling me to shove it, I<br />i gave my 19cm cock a shove in the pussy, and suddenly he said a month, without paying attention to me<br />i was poking your pussy after I fucked your famous ass, it was my turn to fuck my dick<br />when I shoved it up your ass, they all told me that I was your street lion, anyway, ibir<br />we fucked for about an hour and then we were both satisfied when the room told me<br />he asked if we were going to fuck, so I said whenever he wanted and whenever I had the opportunity<br />thank goodness for your aunt’s daughter….. My Neighbor’s Widow Daughter semra’s Pussy<br />i inseminated badly


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