Hello, my name is can. I’m a 26-year-old with a pretty neat, sporty physique.<br />I have been interested in ballet for 10 years. Anyway, everything is studying in Izmir 19<br />my year-old sister Pelin and her roommate Ayse, 18, told us<br />it started with him coming to stay.<br /><br />To give up my interest in sexy women’s underwear for a long time<br />I was making an effort. I got home around 10 o’clock that evening. Take a shower immediately<br />I wanted to sleep. When I went straight into the shower, someone just came out of the bathroom<br />i got it, it was wet everywhere and full of steam. I undressed and went to the cabinet<br />I entered. Meanwhile, the red minick on the washing machine is Decked with a drawstring<br />the weight caught my eye. I picked it up immediately. I was going crazy. Tiny<br />the sides and back are made of leather like a rope, and the pussy part is surrounded by the middle of the skin<br />it was completely composed of transparent tulle. I immediately put it on me and<br />i took my dick between my legs. Dec. Because I do ballet, I have only one body<br />there is not even a feather. I was so turned on that I couldn’t resist<br />I squirted into the kilo, full of it, literally my insides came out.<br /><br />Then I took it out and cleaned it well. But when it comes to sprays of water<br />there are parts of it that have turned white and stuck to the tulle part. Where I bought mine<br />i left it because the door opened and I’m sorry, I had to get something<br />aisha came in. He stood in the shower for a while, looking at the cabin window. On me<br />I continued to shower, saying it doesn’t matter. He understood my sprays. The door<br />he locked it from the inside and opened the shower door. He said let me come. I said wormwood, he<br />he said he’s upstairs in his room trying to sleep. He came over and<br />he took off the towel he was wearing.<br /><br />She had tiny but firm breasts. It looks like her waist is going to break thin, but<br />her hips were so big that my dick was officially erect. By the way, my Decoy<br />it is 19 cm and quite thick. He said oooooooo and took it in his hand to caress<br />he started, sewed up well, then took it in his mouth and began to suck. My Dick<br />he sucked in the last drops of spray left in him. You know I<br />he said I’m a virgin. But he said, I can do something else for you. Then standing<br />doggy style split her hips in half with her hands and pink on her pussy<br />he opened the hole. Come on, he said, I played with my fingers a little with his hole, then<br />I started to expand with my tongue. It officially remained like a tiny dot<br />hole. By the way, I saw that water Decanted from her pussy.<br /><br />I started to whitewash my cock in her pussy. In your mouth not to scream<br />he had taken the towel. She began to tremble, the tips of her breasts became so big<br />and they became like two big olives. To squeeze them in my hands<br />I started. Then I put my cock in his hole. Slowly stinging<br />I started, but he wouldn’t come in. And then suddenly he finds himself backwards<br />he threw it, and I literally heard the sound of air coming out of his asshole.<br /><br />He drew a deep ohhh. I had it all the way. Around my dick<br />I can’t describe the temperature. If I hadn’t just ejaculated earlier, I would have been in that first sting<br />i would ejaculate. Then I slowly pulled the cock out of the ass hole a<br />he was back in the cave, waiting for it to narrow down a little, and at that moment I thought of something<br />He came. I stuck a shower flour hose into the ass hole that hasn’t closed yet and it’s warm<br />i filled your ass with water. He told me to go on, that he had a strange pleasure.<br />I filled him with so much warm water that the sounds from his intestines<br />it was audible. She is standing with her eyes closed, one hand wrapped around her pussy<br />he was caressing.<br /><br />Then when he takes the hose out of his ass, he literally squirts out of his asshole<br />the water started coming in. The cut was literally hollow inside. Ohh, she was saying<br />there was water coming out of him when he pushed, then he couldn’t stand it and let’s sokkkk<br />shouted. All of a sudden I rooted, cut, screamed, and then pumped<br />I started. I was shoving hard, my crotch was beating her hips, bang, bang<br />he was making noises. I wasn’t coming out at all, it was just crackling<br />i was fucking. He ejaculated more at once in this state, I can’t take it anymore, what<br />he said yes, take it out.<br /><br />My ass was in a mess, he started complaining, please, that’s enough. I said of course<br />just then, with just a kilo in front of the door, my brother wormwood got down on the ground<br />I saw her crouched down, one hand on her pussy, one hand on her breast, watching us.<br />I was frozen, Ayse quickly went out and went to her room. Officially belini<br />he was holding it. Then Ayşe stood up and called out my name for the first time and that’s it<br />he said it was the first time he had seen your magic. How many times have I seen because<br />he said ohooo. I took her hand and pulled her to me and hugged her breasts are officially big<br />he was rubbing the tips like oranges on my chest.<br /><br />He said he would fuck me. I said why not. My cock is that much<br />he was stiff, which I can’t tell. The head of my cock was just touching his belly button.<br />I grabbed him by the waist and lifted him slightly, and it was like he was officially riding a bike<br />i sat him on it. Her pussy juices started dripping on my cock.<br />Then we collapsed on the spot, he spread his legs. Officially her cunt is a<br />he opened it like a cave, he said, come on, put it inside. I put his head in the hole<br />but I played for a long time without stinging. He was literally calling the waters. Your lips<br />he started sucking and screaming that enough is enough.<br /><br />I couldn’t take it anymore either. My cock’s head was numb and so much<br />the blood had collected so that he was literally like a stone. Suddenly I was loaded to the end<br />i was so in. The water gushing out of her pussy is officially on my balls.<br />I stopped moving a little, his eyes shifted. Then take it out slowly and hard<br />i started stinging. His eyes shifted every time I stung. Breathing when removing<br />he was taking it. Ohhhhhh when he puts it in, he sighs and breathes at least 20<br />once I started to put it in and out like this. I just wasn’t ejaculating. Whereas wormwood<br />he said he ejaculated at least 2, 3 times, the last time his pussy was so<br />he was so tight that I thought he was going to pull my cock out.<br /><br />There were starting to be changes in my cock now. Something inside me<br />he was moving. I started pressing fast. It was officially sounding<br />from her pussy, then she untied her legs from my waist and turned upside down and rolled up.<br />The lips of your hairy pussy in front of me open every time you breathe<br />it was closing. I quickly loaded up, he shouted ohhhhhhhh. From several pumps<br />then I felt the volcano erupt inside me. I was ejaculating and laughing<br />is Rose. I started shaking, don’t take it off, brother, he said. He said fill me in.<br /><br />I said no injuries. He said no, he said he was on pills. Shouting<br />emptied, he said. Suddenly I stood rooted to the spot and unmoving. Officially<br />we were pinned down. I started gushing. That my sperm hit somewhere<br />I felt. Then her cunt began to contract. I felt like I was going to faint, that’s all<br />i cum so much that when I take out my cock I spray from her pussy<br />i saw it gush. I collapsed.<br /><br />The next day they said goodbye and went back to school and gave me one each as a souvenir<br />they left their kilos. Now we talk on the phone occasionally and mast. we’re doing.<br />I think I’ll go visit them soon


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