The text said let’s play the truth courage game and we agreed. We started the game, and after a while, the tasks started to get crazy. Dec. I was excited when Halil Metin asked me to undress and sit down for 10 minutes. Metin started to undress and sit down just like Halil said, and at this time he was looking flirtatiously at this. Buse couldn’t stand it and started to undress. At this time, Halil and I started to watch the confused ones. Buse suddenly jumped on top of Metin and clung to his lips. In a strange way, he started to kiss Metin on the lips. I was surprised what to do with the fear and happiness of witnessing such a thing live for the first time, wrapped in different emotions. At that time, Halil came to me and said let’s go to the kitchen.


BBW, Group Sex, Lesbian

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