We continued to be together until the morning. In fact, we had one of the best nights of my life in every way. When you woke up in the morning, we hadn’t gone to work, he was lying next to me, as I said for that day, we weren’t going to go to work. After waking up, I looked and said that he wanted to be with me again, and this time he started licking me from my most private place, so I had already let myself go. We were together all the time, day and night. First, he licked me very nicely and turned me on very wonderfully. Then he said, I want to fuck you from behind this time, in fact, at first I didn’t agree, but later I agreed, thinking that it could be extremely enjoyable.<br /><br />She immediately brought a cream and creamed my most special place. Then it slowly started to enter into it, at first I was in a lot of pain, but when it suddenly entered me very hard, I really felt tremendous pain. But, as I said, this pain passed over time, and I began to get great pleasure. In fact, and I was even enjoying sex even more than the normal way, how could this have happened, I wish I had done this earlier! After continuing in this way, about half an hour later, he emptied into me, I had literally had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Then he took me to my house and gave me a very large amount of money after he left. I was very happy about this, okay, I was working, I had a job, but I was also happy that extra money came in.


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